SmiteWorks USA, LLC
Based in Melbourne, FL

Release date:
15 March, 2020

PC, Mac and Linux
Steam - PC, Mac, and linux (Coming Soon)


Regular Price:

Full License - Lifetime$39
Ultimate License - Lifetime$149
Full License Subscription$3.99 / month
Ultimate License Subscription$9.99 / month


Fantasy Grounds Unity is the latest version of Fantasy Grounds rebuilt from the ground up in Unity3D to provide enhanced functionality for sound, map making, images, FX and networking. It maintains backward compatiblity with content for Fantasy Grounds. Fantasy Grounds Unity is designed to perform many of the things you can do while playing at a conventional gaming table, while automating many laborious elements. Run games as the gamemaster or take part as a player, the application provides all the necessary tools to communicate, manage campaign information and perform tasks such as rolling the dice or moving tokens around a battlemap.


Fantasy Grounds Unity was successfully Kickstarted in May 2019 and launched in Early Access on March 15, 2020.


  • The same base functionality found in Fantasy Grounds (Classic)
  • The ability to host a public game in the Cloud for players to join from a simple Lobby, with no advanced networking required to host your game
  • 64-bit support with native Mac, Windows and Linux (Coming Soon)
  • Dynamic line of sight
  • Chat in multiple fantasy languages known by your character
  • Layered image support
  • Animated FX library for images
  • Tile based map building with auto-scale features, snap to grid and built-in LOS
  • Line of Sight support for doors, secret walls and terrain
  • Paint with images to create line, rectangle, circle and freehand drawings using textures or images
  • Additional Dice Macro Support
  • Basic Sounds Support (used for dice rolling only for now)
  • Asset View


Kickstarter Video YouTube

Line of Sight with Doors and Terrain YouTube

Map Effects YouTube

Tile Based Map Building (Product walkthrough) YouTube


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About SmiteWorks USA, LLC

SmiteWorks is the small Indie team responsible for the Fantasy Grounds virtual tabletop. Fantasy Grounds allows gamers to play traditional pen-and-paper style roleplaying games. With the aid of over 150 community developers and partnerships with key RPG publishers, gamers' online experience is tailored to a host of different game systems.

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Fantasy Grounds Unity Credits

Doug Davison
Developer, Co-Owner & President

John Gregory
Lead Developer, Co-Owner

Carl Pinder
Sr. Developer

Steven Melton
Sr. Developer

Jen Page

Joshua Watmough

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