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    Just a little update on progress - Life over the last couple of months has been busy so progress has been slow.

    However, with work life is easing of a little, I'm determined to get back on top of this and move it forward. The party sheet is next coming along so expect an update in a couple of weeks.

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    Look forward to seeing it
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    Hey all, I have posted a new version of the ruleset - see the first post in this thread for the download links.

    This version is a minor update, making some minor changes to organise the code better, plus completing the functionality of the character sheet.

    So, in addition to the working dice mechanic and custom die pool box on the tabletop, the character sheet supports:

    1) Ability to create and track old careers plus the current, including advances taken
    2) Talent slots that update based on the currently active career, including area to keep track of recharge values
    3) Working stance tracker whose reckless/conservative steps change with the active career
    4) Drag a characters characteristic and a die pool is automatically created - taking into account the characters stance.
    5) Area to enter your characters skills, including specialisations and advances taken
    6) Area to enter your characters action cards, including ability to enter both conservative and reckless details
    7) Area to enter your characters talents, including being able to drag them to your characters talent slots.
    8) Area to enter your characters conditions, including criticals, diseases, mutations. Diseases can be dragged to fill a talent slot
    9) Working item inventory, with areas to enter an items weapon or armour details
    10) Area to view currently equipped weapons
    11) Automatically updated soak/defence values for your character based on equipped armour in your inventory.
    12) Area to enter additional character notes

    Phew! Next release is the working party sheet - expect that in a couple of weeks.

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    Well, that didn't take as long as expected

    I have released another version of the ruleset which adds the party sheet mechanic. A GM can now set-up a party sheet for the players featuring tension tracker, fortune pool, plus party talent slots.

    A summary of features are:

    1) Party tension tracker - right click to add or remove 'steps' in the tracker. Click a step to highlight it as an event. Drag and drop the token along the track.
    2) Fortune pool - Open the token box and drag a fortune chit to the fortune pool. Players can drag fortune from the pool onto the fortune value in their character sheet.
    3) Party talent shots - The GM can specify how many slots are available for the party. Players can drag their talents from the character sheet to the party sheet.

    The next release will focus on the nemesis sheet. This will allow the GM to group NPC's together for encounters, plus track nemesis details. Expect the next release in a couple of weeks.

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    Looks like I'm on a roll

    I have posted another new version of the ruleset. This version adds NPC group/Nemesis sheets to the ruleset. A GM can create a group of NPC's for an encounter and use the stability and agenda progress trackers to track them as per the nemesis rules in the Games Masters Toolkit.

    Features include:

    1) NPC Group sheet to allow grouping of NPC's for encounters and organizations.
    2) Progress trackers for keep track of the groups stability and agenda. Right click on a progress tracker to add or remove steps, highlight steps as events, plus drag and drop of the tracking token.
    3) Areas to enter event information for stability and agenda.
    4) Area for the GM to add additional notes relating to the NPC group.

    I have left out NPC Group Talent Slots for now until I get the NPC sheet working. That's the next job - that one really should take a couple of weeks!

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    Amazing job you done here the only problem is i Hate wfrp 3 eh eh
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    neilgfoster - this looks like great job, well done.

    As a fellow FGII community developer would you be opposed to sharing a howto on how you produced the custom dice?

    I'm referring to the coloured/symboled dice above the standard FGII polyhedral dice in the screenshot in post 1.
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    No problem, here's a quick summary on how the custom dice work:

    1) The dice you see on the table top are panels which I tried to make look as much like the normal dice as possible. When you drag one of the custom dice, the code sets the draginfo with the appropriate dice details. You will still see the normal dice upon which the custom one is based. E.g. if you drag the black misfortune dice, you see a normal D6 under your cursor - but thats a limitation in FG2

    2) Within the gameelements.xml file you will see that I have created custom dice for *every* possible dice value. E.g. D6, D6.1, D6.2, D6.3, etc. Each of these is given a custom icon which shows the dice value - or for the custom dice the right symbol and colour.

    3) In the chat_chat.lua script, there is a method called processDice. This is called when a dice result is rolled. How it works is that it takes the dice type and result, and turns it into a type based on the result. E.g. if you roll a D6 and get a result of 3, the code changes the resulting dice to the custom D6.3 dice that I created in (2). This causes FG2 to show the icon for a D6.3 - which has its own custom icon of a D6 showing a value of 3. For custom dice this is an icon of the dice and correct symbol for the value.

    4) The final hurdle is the fact that FG2 will still write the value as text over the top of the dice icon. Therefore, I wrote a font editor tool and used it to change the number characters to blank spaces - FG2 still thinks its writing a number over the dice, its just that the number actually is a space character.

    Hope that makes sense? To see how the custom dice work, look at the following places in the ruleset:

    1) \graphics\dice\... - All the images for the dice and their results
    2) gameelements.xml - the set-up for all the dice and their results
    3) \scripts\chat_chat.lua - look at the processDice method for the conversion of dice result to custom result
    4) \graphics\fonts\dieresult.fgf - a custom font where the numbers are actually spaces
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