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    I'm guessing this could be because the "C" drive is also all encapsulated within the wrapper, and when you start Fantasy Grounds it basically has to start up, get all of your data from a very large base file, create a virtual Windows C drive, access that C drive, etc.. The more files (and the larger they are) on that virtual Windows C drive, the longer Wine/PlayOnLinux etc. will take to start up.

    That could be the issue... I tried all the other options listed since my post. It still takes 7 mins +- 30 sec. to start up. I only have 4 decompressed rulesets that I’m working with and the default rulesets installed, and MoreCore.

    Anyhow, it work fine once started. Including my test campaigns.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HuseyinCinar View Post
    7minutes?! goddamn
    Yup. I had to time the startup just to be certain. And it didn’t matter if other applications were starting at the same time or not. :/
    Trenloe’s explanation seems most reasonable as I also have virtualbox on this machine. Though it’s not running. It takes a while to get going as well. Though not 7 mins long.
    My additional thought is that OSX MoJave is the last OSX to work with a 32bit, and going forward require all software to be native 64bit. So it might be having issues with any 32bit code that it’s trying to run.

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