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    Just the standard v2/RMC one afaik

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    I posted the link to the combat tutorial to the software forum on the ICE website.

    Hopefully people will see how sophisticated the ruleset is compared to other options.

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    Here's one for the Party Sheet.


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    Great video. I added it to the first post in this thread.

    Rolemaster Classic for FG Wish List -

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    Thanks Wolf_Shield. I added that to the wiki.

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    These videos are very helpful. Thanks for the post. Big fan of one of the best games of all time... Romemaster... from back in the 80s and 90s... excited to get back into it... new to Fantasy Grounds but the vids really made me feel comfertibly... so going all in... thanks again!

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    Thanks! Happy to help with any questions you have. DM me and I think you posted on the RM Facebook group too so get me there as well. Good luck!

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    This week it's a Rolemaster levelling up guide. Encounters next week.

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    I added the link to the Leveling Up video to the first post.

    Rolemaster Classic for FG Wish List -

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    Welcome back, Elinsul!

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