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    BRP Drakar och Demoner


    I have created an extension for a Swedish game "Drakar och Demoner"

    As a request from another thread her are some pictures.


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    Look very good. Wow, I get such nostalgia. What do you think about sharing your work. Would love playing some old Drakar och Demoner again :-D

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    Liktorn look in your "Private Messages" box.

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    Percentile instead of a D20 as in Expert and Gigant? Oh well... Still interested.

    ...and if you guys need the rule books, but have missed it. Riot minds (the current license holder) have released the old books they have the rights for on their website.

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    It's pretty easy to get the BRP ruleset to use d20's as default dice. You need to edit the rollDice() and dragDice() functions. If you have a decent editor it should be easy to find all files that contains those functions. Make copies of those files and include them in your extension and you should be fine.

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    This looks pretty awesome. I started on making a DoD Expert ruleset a year or so back but it never quite came through since I started up from scratch and lacked the time. Care to share?

    - Obe
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    Like Oberoten I tried to make a ruleset on FG1, then FG2, but didn't get around those filestructures. This looks darn great. Would love to take a closer look.

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    On FG-CON I will be running a game with this ruleset for those who are interested.

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    Woot! That is awesome news indeed Stolleson!

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    That's great! Thanks for posting the 2 events on the FG Con Wesbite!

    Now - we will rely on our Swedish speaking community members to get the work out to make sure these Swedish sessions go ahead. Player booking opens on Saturday...

    FG Con 16 – FG Online RPG Convention - Friday April 16th – Sunday 18th, 2021.
    FG Con 17: October 15th – 17th, 2021.

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