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    Here's the D&D Starter Set map with some lair information removed. The original is rather large, I think this one is around half that size.


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    A small part of a regional map. This one is mostly to show the kind of detail you can get from an overland map in CC 3.


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    Both look sharp. Regional map looks very cool!

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    From Lost Mine of Phandelver, the Cragmaw Hideout. I'll release others as my players clear (or ignore) them.


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    Everyone needs a road! So this a map I'm using for a chance encounter along the Triboar Trail in the Lost Mines of Phandalin, but it can be used as a generic trail for anything really. I just whipped this one together (there's a couple of minor glitches but they don't detract too much).


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    I have CC3 and I find that I cant get the grid to align well enough with FG. It'll look good for 10-15 squares or so, but any further and the grids disalign. What do you do to make sure the grid aligns correctly?

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    So, aligning grids with CC3 was pretty tough for me at first, I think the secret is how the maps are exported. If you export the whole thing and don't pay attention to settings, its not going to work well for you (or me for many of my early maps!). That map is a bad example. Here is the fixed copy that will align correctly and my method of doing so. You need to know your map size first of all. My map is 200x160. This works best with small battlemaps of course. Large maps and the current version of CC3 do not export well. You have to use another method to export very large images and it almost always messes up your image proportions. A 200x160 image will work just fine though.

    I export using Save As Rectangular JPG Section after turning on my layer effects and everything to make it all nice and pretty. The important part is knowing how large you want your square to be when its exported. Multiply by 10 if you want a 50x50 pixel square. 20 if you want 100x100. So I chose 50x50 which is kinda small but makes for a manageable image size. 2000x1600. Set your export options, I selected 2000x1600, 25% AA (any more is a waste of resources and time), 75% JPG. I select the Crop to Aspect Ration option and the Restrict to Image Border option as well. Who needs white space? After that its time to set the region. Instead of using a mouse to select the region, my start coordinate is 0,0. Just type that in. You see it at the bottom of the screen in CC3. Then it wants the ending coordinate. This needs to be exactly 200,160 or whatever your map size is. Its best if its a multiple of 10. You want this grid to line up. If you did everything right your map should come out to exactly 2000x1600 with a grid at 50 pixels. When you get it into Fantasy Grounds pick a square, zoom in REAL tight a grid square and then set your grid to match, 50x50 on top of it. It should be pretty exact. When you zoom back out, you will have a grid that lines up exactly...or at least within one line. No one will notice.

    Here's the fixed map that lines up. Hope that was moderately helpful


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    As I am pretty new to CC3 I really appreciate the rundown on how you set it up for export. That should save some time and frustration!!!

    OH, and the maps look great BTW!! Keep them coming.
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    Its been a little while since my last map, this one is rather massive, so I am posting it at 50% (50 px per 5' instead of 100). Its still very useable. The Ruins of Thundertree. I worked on this one off and on over four or five days. I had to work out a new technique or two for it. The Dundjinni forums were a great help in that department


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