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    And one from Hoard of the Dragon Queen...with some intentional omissions, The Sword Coast...

    This is a massive map, took quite a while to recreate. If any 'Realms fans notes any glaring errors, let me know! I found some on the original map and tried to correct to the best of my ability.


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    excellent work

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    I really like this, however I wish there was a "HUGE" version of it that included some of the smaller detailed areas

    Such as:

    aww, no phandalin from the starter's set? I started to like the place :'(

    and the mere of dead men (just to the south of leilon) is fairly decent in size, isn't it?

    the mountains heading east from Leilon are the Sword Mountains, and Kryptgarden Forest is nestled between them and Westbridge.

    The hills between Neverwinter Woods and Longsaddle are the starmetal hills.

    I realize this map has been made time and time again, but honestly I prefer your take on it. And even without the things I mentioned off the top of my head, it looks great.
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    All of those things are edits that are in the works, well I can add Phandalin...I hadn't considered putting that one in there . I realized I missed a few village labels and a couple of geographic features. The map posted is 75% of the size with resolution scaled back a bit to keep file size down. I can upload two versions when I'm done. One for the forum and a larger one hosted elsewhere if it's preferred.

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    It is a great map Irondrake.

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    Ok, I've made some edits and made a higher resolution version (hosted on Google Drive). Here's the medium resolution Sword Coast map (including Phandalin).


    This is a link to the same map, just a higher resolution, larger image size.

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    Just wanted to say... that's a beautiful map Irondrake... well done and thanks for sharing.
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    The Village of Greenest from Hoard of the Dragon Queen.


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    Been a bit, one of my campaigns ended and switched directions. I'm still running D&D 5E with the other though Here's a few Science Fiction styled maps I've done for my Savage Worlds game. Maybe they can be of use to someone else as well. I'm pretty sure most of these that need a grid are 100 pixel/5' (or 1" for SW). They were done in Campaign Cartographer 3 (Cosmographer add-on).





    Hades Strip Map.JPG

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    And just a couple more of the Sci-Fi themed maps.

    Galactic Core.JPG


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