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    Quote Originally Posted by Callum View Post
    Thanks, again, kalnaren! I've downloaded all of these and am looking forward to using them.

    I have a small request - would it be easy for you to make available versions of the maps without the big arrows showing the stair directions?
    Glad you can make use of them!

    That won't be a problem. I was on the fence about whether or not to leave that in. I think I need to swap one of the walls on the stairs anyway so the architecture makes sense.

    Also, I've noticed that the Ruins of Wrath maps have an odd double grid line running horizontally across the midcdles or each map.
    I noticed that, and I'm not sure what's causing it. I think it might be related to the anti-aliasing method when I export the JPEG but I'm not sure (if I recall when I exported without AA it didn't do it, but the map looked like crap). I'll try some different export methods and see if I can get rid of it. If I can't I'll do an export of the map without the grid and just put a translucent "scale square" in the top corner or something to size the grid for Fantasy Grounds.

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    Updated Ruins of Wrath maps for Chopper's Isle as well as Foxglove Townhouse.
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    It needed moderation as it had a link in it and you don't have enough posts on the site yet. I've approved the post.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trenloe View Post
    It needed moderation as it had a link in it and you don't have enough posts on the site yet. I've approved the post.
    Ah ok makes sense.

    I'll edit the above post (#12) and remove the uploads/links and clean up the mess I made :P

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    Awesome! Thanks, kalnaren.

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    Falkwood Garrison

    I started messing around drawing Droskar's Crucible to practice with the software, but I was quite pleased with the results so I decided to turn it into a full garrison instead.

    Falkwood Garrison is a small keep nestled in the Falkwood, a moderately dense pine and oak forest sitting on the outskirts of Ballenmore. It was built to patrol the highways through and around the forest, which have seen an increase in bandit activity in the previous half-decade. The fort is in decline, damaged by the elements and awaiting abandonment. It still sees use during the construction of the newer garrison some distance away.

    Falkwood Garrison Ground Floor

    Falkwood Garrison Floor 1.JPG

    Falkwood Garrison Second Floor

    Falkwood Garrison Floor 2.JPG

    Falkwood Garrison Third Floor

    Falkwood Garrison Floor 3.JPG

    Falkwood Garrison Fourth Floor

    Falkwood Garrison Floor 4.JPG


    Falkwood Garrison LEG.jpg

    Lower Floor Key:

    1. The path approaching the garrison passes through thick, smooth stone walls. The walls are much newer than the rest of the structure, and were added some time after construction as the first part of an expansion to the keep’s fortifications. However the project was soon abandoned as the fort started to collapse, and no other reinforced structures were built.

    2. The central courtyard was originally open but is now partially closed off by the newer walls. The well provides all the necessary water for the garrison.

    3. The lower levels of the tower are used for dry goods storage. The tower itself is a full story taller than the rest of the fort, with the top sitting above the forest canopy.

    4. The kitchen can't be described as anything else but "cramped", it is however large enough to serve the small number of personnel in the garrison.

    5. These three rooms are used by the fort's servants.

    6. Heavy rains eventually caused the soft ground to wash away, resulting in the collapse of that corner of the fort. The room is open to the elements and is no longer used. This incident halted the construction of the fort’s new battlements and ultimately led to the decision to abandon the fort completely, as the ground is not suitable for a heavier structure.

    7. This large area serves as the garrison mess hall and gathering room for the remaining soldiers.

    8. When built this larger room was the garrison’s library and record room. It has since been partitioned into two sections and now holds what’s left of the garrison’s supplies. The stairs lead to the upper level.

    9. Quartermaster’s Office.

    10. The fort's "jail" -originally foreseen to hold bandits and highwaymen caught by the garrison before their transport to Ballenmore- has been repurposed as livestock holding pens following the small barn burning to the ground two seasons prior.

    11. This corridor was originally built to allow future expansion of the keep. No expansion ever happened, and the hallway has since crumbled. Sand-filled barrels now block off this exit.

    Upper Floor Key

    1. The upper stair landing holds weapon racks and shelves of other equipment. The garrison soldiers occasionally use this area to spar when the weather outside is unsuitable.

    2. Garrison Commander's room.

    3. Garrison Commander's office.

    4. Barracks

    5. After the wall collapse the integrity of the floor in this room became suspect. It is now used to store non-essential goods (like firewood) or junk.

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    Thank you very much

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    Wonderful work - thank you!

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    House inspired by Skellige architecture from The Witcher.


    If anyone knows where I could find a good firewood stack map symbol let me know. Most I've found have been of pretty poor quality and don't look good.
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    Nice house (and everything else!). Is the idea that the occupant is in the process of laying down the wood flooring?

    Obligatory request for no-grid. I'm not sure what program you used to create these, and therefore don't know how difficult it would be to put out no-grid versions of these, but if it possible and relatively simple, would you please consider no-grid options?

    Regarding the firewood symbols, where have you looked? Do any of these look useful?
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