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    Hidden skills extension

    Hi All,

    Please find attached a new extension I have thrown together. It adds a checkbox to the skill windows as shown below
    New Skill Window.jpg
    When the box is checked, as shown in the attached pic, double clicking on the shadowed dice in the skill list will roll automagically in the Tower.

    If it is unchecked then the roll is shown as normal.

    Hope its useful.

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    Very nice.
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    Great job Chris!

    Rolemaster Classic for FG Wish List -

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    This will be VERY useful!

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    i will try and preload for the next session on Monday night

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    Hi Chris,

    I tried the extension in the last session, but only for perception.
    The players got a very strange feeling by rolling perception as a hidden roll.
    But they accepted it as a new feeling of rpg.

    Thanks for the great work.
    :-) plastictotoro

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    Nice I used to get the guys to drag and drop in the tower for alertness/perceptions/stealth rolls anyway but this is awesome for those that forget. Will test it out hope it works with FRP as well.

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    Getting this error when opening items in FGU: "[ERROR] Script execution error: [string "armor_mm_skilldropdown"]:4: attempt to call field 'ManeuveringInArmorSkillList' (a nil value)"

    Only happens with this extension loaded. To reproduce, open the Items list from the right hand icon panel, and then click any item to open it.

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