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    Par5e is no longer available or supported.
    If you need to contact customer support or if there is something that you would like to see in Fantasy Grounds that isn't currently part of the software or if there is something you think would improve a ruleset then add your idea to the customer support portal https://fantasygroundsunity.atlassia...stomer/portals

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zacchaeus View Post
    I've created a video showing how to create a new class using Fantasy Grounds.

    You can view it here.

    If you'd like to see more videos (assuming you understand what I'm saying) I'm open to suggestions on the kinds of things you'd like to see.

    Added another video which shows how to add the spellcasting ability to various class types and also shows how to add an archetype to an existing class.

    Link here.
    Thank you, to you and the other people making videos and helping people out. I dropped off the face of the earth for a few months but nice to come back and still see the helpful community .

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