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    also on steam,not sure whos responsible, BUT the description for the CRB, is the description of the bestiary 1..
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    Quote Originally Posted by magnusprime27 View Post
    I bought the core rle book through steam..

    my problem: I have no tokens except for the paizo symbol.
    am I supposed to create my own?
    The core rulebook does not come with Monster Tokens, but it does come with players portraits. Your options are to either create your own, buy one of many token packs available or purchase a product that comes with them. The adventures have tokens for every encounter preset and the beastiary comes with tokens for all monsters that have an image. Those without are marked by letters.

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    Hello it's me ! again ...

    I have a new problem, with the Theme Pathfinder Official ... you know too that I'm a no-american user like some Fantasy Grounds players ... and in my language, we use accents in the word ... "CCTreacherousCorners.ttf" and "CCTreacherousCurves.ttf" haven't accents in in their fonts ... Can you change fonts with international fonts please ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by magnusprime27 View Post
    I bought the core rle book through steam..

    my problem: I have no tokens except for the paizo symbol.
    am I supposed to create my own?
    The Core Rule Book has portraits instead of tokens. If you use them for PCs, they will create tokens.

    Modules with creatures have tokens.

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    Another bug:

    All Armor Items in the Core Rules are lacking their arcane spell failure entry.

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    I don't know if this is a bug but I was wondering about the favored class bonus. Currently all that comes up it the +1 hp or +1 skill point. What about the racial favored class bonuses?

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    The theme fonts issue with non-English languages and missing spell failure entries for armor have been added to our fix sheet.

    Racial favored class bonus has not been implemented. You will need to close the normal favored class bonus window with the small X, and apply manually for now. There are many highly specific rules (sometimes optional) in the Pathfinder game system that have not been implemented, including racial favored class bonuses, racial alternate traits, etc. As mentioned when we first launched this effort, we made a first round of updates, and will look at more over time based on demand for Paizo products and user requests. You can throw on the wish list for tracking as well.


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    Quote Originally Posted by DMReckless View Post
    Skills seem to be missing from the PF core rpg book/mod- links on character sheet indicate Unable to find skill record with the correct name." and there are no skills under skills button or in ref manual links.
    - Kingmaker 1 module character skills link to PFRPG Basic Rules Skills, and not the Pathfinder Core Rules.

    - Skills on Character Sheets cannot be dragged/dropped/replaced with the skills from the Pathfinder Core Rules module

    - Pathfinder Core Rules module list is missing the 'Skill' section list when opened in the library window, only feats and such are listed

    - Skills from the Pathfinder Core Rules module can only be viewed, by opening the 'Reference Manual' Section, selecting the Skills entry and then the skill in question

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    Not sure if it is a bug, or just an omission. My group has an alchemist on board and so we were really pleased to see the APG as an official supported module and grabbed it quick. Unfortunately there does not seem to be native support for mutagens and discoveries or bombs in the system. They show up as "discovery" but there is no way to choose individual discoveries as actual features with effects. Similarly I would expect mutagens to be usable and give effects as bonuses/penalties to stats/ac/skills/etc. Finally the clincher is that there is no support for a weapon/spell type item for their bombs so we are basically back to doing it all by hand the way we had to before. If we had known this up front we probably would not have bothered with the APG purchase at this point
    Love the rest of the source material, and are really happy to see the official modules arriving. Just wish they were a little more complete.

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    Does the text PFS Legal: True and PFS Legal: False need to be in the module, or is this a development orphan that can be removed?

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