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    Quote Originally Posted by Trenloe View Post
    Additionally - does the GM see the data in their library OK? Could you provide a screenshot showing the GM side?
    I'll get a screenshot uploaded in a bit, It does load ok the the GM side. I'll also move the tokens to another module for GM only.

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    It was the size, after taking out the tokens its size is 5.4 mb and it loads fine as a player. Thanks.

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    Cool. Glad you got it working.
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    well.. I did something to break it again. I cant get it to load any more after adding some more lines to the common.xml file.

    It still loads fine for the GM.
    The module size is currently 2.9 MB The common.xml is ~20k lines.

    In the header portion I change the BRPrules-001-X title to FODrules-001-X, and the name on the next line, but the category name on the next line is the same.

    I attempted to wait 30 minutes trying to double click on the module portion roughly every 5 minutes.
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    If you change the name or the tags within a module, make sure to Revert the module in your campaign where you have opened it previously. (Right click on the module entry in the Library->Modules window, and select the Revert option.)

    Also, make sure that you have valid XML in your definition.xml and common.xml files. You can use a tool to check for valid XML. Notepad++ (32-bit) has a plug-in called "XML Tools" that has a syntax auto-check option. That's what I use to make sure I didn't break the XML while editing manually.


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    Is revert a GM only option? I dont see it connected as a player. I made that change when first starting my edits, I just didnt get a chance to post in previously in case it was important.

    in the definition.xml I only have 3 lines (7 lines), Name, Author, and Ruleset. I've changed the name and author lines from the original.

    I'm using notepad++ with the plug-in for all editing. Its been very helpful.

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    Yes, Revert is a GM option. The player version of the module doesn't allow edits at all, while the GM version of the module allows edits to non-static data.


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    The revert changes option did not make a difference.

    I can get it to load on the server connection and connecting to local host as a player, but other players are not getting it to show up.

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    Based on the host address you sent in PM, I think I was able to access the module.

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