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    Player Looking for Starfinder Game EST

    Good day, I am looking to play Starfinder using Fantasy Grounds. I have only played once before on a VTT years ago [Role 20]. Looking for one-off or semi-regular game.

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    Be aware this is the Starfinder Society Forum, so Organized Play one-shots. You may have more luck in the LFG Forum.

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    Sounds Good

    I am looking for Starfinder Society games only, for now. This seems like the most active thread, but are you advertising the games on the LFG channel as well?

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    SFS games are only advertised here (most of the time).

    Be aware though that signups for SFS games are usually for that specific scenario only and are normally on a First Come, First Serve basis, so applying to the games directly might yield quicker results.

    I don't think I've seen SFS GMs looking through LFG post to find players (that's what the game announcement thread is for).

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