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    This is the Character Sheet I have been working on for the RPG System: Ops And Tactics

    You can find the system from the creator off his website for free here:

    Any helpful ideas on how to apply Encumbrance penalties would be appreciated.


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    Here is the File for a character made using that Sheet for OPs and Tactics
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    If Encumbrance is a thing that regularly impacts you might be able to put it in C4 or another roll and use parameters to incorporate it into some rolls
    You might create it as a /mod roll and that would be less automated but will work with more rolls
    Or you will have to provide more info for me to think thru the possibilities.

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    Thanks for the quick reply! there are multiple levels that cause multiple penalties to different stats. But, if I could just be able to assign an ongoing penalty to Attack with a mod button that would work. Can you make a mod effect last more than one roll?

    Here are the encumbrance Categories with Weight thresholds and Penalties:

    [Category] [Weight] [Penalty]
    [Car Cap] [51] [none]
    [Max Med Load] [102] [Max AGI +3; -3 ATK and Skill Checks; 2 CP per 5' move]
    [Max Heavy] [153] [Max AGI +1; -6 ATK and Skill Checks; 3 CP per 5' move]
    [Lift Over Head] [51] [No Bonus from AGI; No ATK; 12 CP per 5' Move]
    [Lift Off Ground] [306] [No Bonus from AGI; No ATK; 12 CP per 5' Move]
    [Drag] [510] [No Bonus from AGI; No ATK; 12 CP per 5' Move]

    Sorry about the formatting, not sure how to paste a table here.


    Also, I have been having a problem with C4. It keeps going up by 1 pt ever time the character takes any amount of wounds. I wanted to use it for DR but ever time it keeps going up.

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    Sorry forgot to mention this is how the Weights for each Category are calculated:

    Carrying Capacity List Calculation
    Carrying Capacity STR SCORE * 3 lbs
    Maximum Medium Load STR SCORE * 6 lbs
    Maximum Heavy Load STR SCORE * 9 lbs
    Lift Over Head STR SCORE * 3 lbs
    Lift Off Ground STR SCORE * 18 lbs
    Drag STR SCORE * 30 lbs

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