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    Quote Originally Posted by midn8t View Post
    sorry didnt know you where on bar like I my self used to be and also worked on legal cases involving copy right info with in the USA
    it sounds like you must have been very good at it too.


    Automatic Renewal and Voluntary Registration
    Works originally copyrighted between January 1, 1964, and December 31, 1977. Congress amended the copyright law on June 26, 1992, to automatically renew the copyright in these works and to make renewal registration for them optional. Their copyright term is still divided between a 28-year original term and a 67-year renewal term, but a renewal registration is not required to secure the renewal copyright.

    Fair Use does not concern itself with "if he was not selling it". You can sell or make money from works that fall under Fair Use.

    Abandonware does not imply a lack of copyright. It may mean that the copyright holder is not actively enforcing their rights.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trenloe View Post
    Sorry, you may have been these things but I seriously doubt it. Your posts are classic examples of what to look for in scam/phishing communications. Incorrect grammar, spelling and capitalization being the main things. Just one example: if you truly did work on copyright legal cases, I'd think you'd be able to reliably use "copyright" rather than use "copy right" interchangeably within your post. Plus, the inaccuracies in what you're posting. So, unless I see any serious evidence - backed up by verifiable sources, I doubt what you're claiming is true. And I completely disagree with your claims about copyright (see my post above).

    no really, see people get confused with copyright laws, trademark laws and also patents game system has mechanics of a game system would need a patent - logo or a picture would need a trademark for exmaple you can warhammer 40,000 has there space marines trade marked so you can not use term space marine in any game system or even pictures of there space marines of what they look like.

    copyrights are not as clear written and thats why fair usage matters.

    if you want you system locked you need pay price for it for each thing, anther example old turmpy trademarked term your fired for while.

    games workshop is prime company for use thought because they carry a lot of trade marks and patents on there games workshop items and game mechanics.

    old mechanics do not get grandfathered in to new laws for example - car past a certain date do not need seat belts old material like 1st edition and some dnd thing you do not need premission for and you can and fair usage is a law - i pretty much qouted it for you even it is so confuseing that even you tube gets stuff wrong.

    for example game companys all time take down videos of people displaying images and video records and then they have to put it up back up because it falls under the fair usage rules angry joe does game reviews has a huge video about it and has also fought aginst game company that think that copyright is a clear winner

    you need get patent and trade mark you names words and terms for game rules and items in game. just like games workshop does and you have to pay those fees every so often to keep those things protected.
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    you guys are confused on portection of copyrights vs patents vs trade marks

    anyways i pretty clearly written out law on copyrights before 1992 even gave you the old law word for word which 1st edition falls under, i also explain how game system are protect via trade marks for terms in the game system and how game mechanics are protected not by a copyright but patent, and i explained word for word how copyrights are only there to protect profits on sales and what determines fair usage - argue with it all you want nice thing about truth is that it does not change the facts.

    I even game you good examples of game of company that uses patents for there game mechanics and how they use trade marks to protect the copyright of word that define things in there game system and how they do not rely on copyrights and i gave you example of how on youtube fair usage allows people to use copyright mats in there videos for reviews. meaning there taking copyright mats and making it there own and making profit because by fair usage it does not compete against the game developer by them making profits of sale of exact same item which would be a video game.

    also lawyer do not write we have people who do that for us all we do is make case in court and let peers and or judge determine result our cases are handed to us pre-written.

    anyways aruge all you want does not change fact

    which is what i said

    if you wanted to make 5e dragonlance

    ask marget wise if you can write a story for a campaign of your own choseing and use some of her materials

    and if you make it around 1st edition you do not have to ask wizards of cost for permission

    if you want to use 5th edition then u need to ask wizards of cost -> but grey area is if you are making a profit or not and fact that dragonlance rules are made for you to create create your own storys based around worlds that already exist and all modules are meant to be used like this. - so copyright be hard sell in court of law on its own.

    sense intent of the core games any edition is for people to take content from those core games and use them in there own settings. as for images they would have to use trademark laws.

    anyways i am done here cuz your incorrect and wrong on so many levels it not even funny its almost like talking to a wall so i am unsubscribing to this think what you want it wont change fact 1 copyright laws are not sure thing and two the intent of DND is for people to use there resources in there settings.

    the part that is sticky is the books that authors write and pure storys of those campign settings which if you wrote you own you would be fine.

    i would just email marget wise and ask her if you could write a dragonlance story for your setting if she says yes then you can.

    I even told you how get in contact with her and her company that owns right to it.

    one last thing art work has its own rules and laws when comes with copy rights, you seen art for sale like the picture of the bar dogs so you can take art work that is copyrighted you can make changes to it like the picture of the dogs at bar with hollween mask but it can not be same size and exactly same picture and has to be marked as so such.

    artwork is protected by trademarks and patents and also original art work you can not reproduce to exact same measurements and design because and sell it or make print and sell it or take one of original prints and recopy and sell it - you have to put on the artwork that its reproduction of original and change its size. so that it does not effect value of the original artwork
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    Quote Originally Posted by midn8t View Post
    anyways i pretty clearly written out law on copyrights[
    anyways aruge all you want does not change fact
    Just because someone (i.e. you) writes something anonymously in a public forum on the internet doesn't suddenly make it fact. You've copy/pasted some things direct from some web pages (we can tell that because the spelling, grammar and capitalization is correct), but other statements are simply not true. Just because some random guy on the internet says it's true doesn't make it so. You seen to think that distributing something covered by copyright without charge is legal ("period"!), which gives everyone with even a slight understanding of this no confidence in any of your words. Plus you seem to think "fair use" would allow someone to completely copy the Dragonlance AD&D 1e adventure content and distribute it (that's what this thread is about). This blows out of the water 4 of the 5 bullet points for fair use you list in post #8. So, yet again, you fail to understand the law and its application - even as you wrote it earlier!

    Quote Originally Posted by midn8t View Post
    anyways i am done here cuz your incorrect and wrong on so many levels
    I'm glad you're done. I'll close this thread now. We don't want anyone on these forums getting any strange ideas about being able to illegally redistribute copyright protected material, even for no charge.

    Important! Anyone reading this thread please understand that "fair use" of any copyright protected material is very limited (both in scope and size of material that can be quoted) - certainly not enough to convert a RPG product to Fantasy Grounds. And, any material covered by copyright is still covered by copyright, even if that material is redistributed without charge.

    For anyone new to these forums, we strictly protect publisher, author and artist hard work and their intellectual property on these forums. For those users who've been around for a while - we'll continue to operate as we have for the past 10+ years - don't redistribute any material covered by copyright without the copyright holder permission on these forums - even for free. If the material you distribute is covered by an RPG OGL, Community Commons, or similar license; please make sure you adhere to the limits and requirements of that license. Thanks for your attention.

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