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    Core RPG - NPC Rolls

    Hello! Thanks a lot for the great program.

    When using the Rolls on the NPC Sheet, only standard Rolls can be made (2d6+1, 2d6+3d6 etc). All specials with Brackets "()" or with "!" or "kh2" or anything like that is not working.

    Is there a fix for this? Will this be changed in the future in the standard Program or do we have to create our own solutions?

    Best Regards,

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    FGC does not support. FGU should, are you following the wiki article? https://fantasygroundsunity.atlassia...ce-Expressions

    Can you post screen shots? Formatting is very explicit and perhaps you are formatting something incorrectly?

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    using FGU .

    Working example is

    Test: 3d6+1

    not working example is

    Test: 3d6k1
    Test: 3d6kh1
    Test: (3d6+3d6)

    The not working examples are acutally put into the modifiers somehow.


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    The current CoreRPG ruleset just uses the simple built-in dice handler that is available in FGC.

    We will look at enhancing the rulesets going forward to be able to take advantage of new FGU features as we advance; and this is definitely one of the areas where the experience can be improved.


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    Thanks a lot for the Info!! Ill keep an eye out for an update.

    Best Regards,

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