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    Hi again!

    A friend of mine has solved a few minor interface issues of this extension. In order to see all the right side bar buttons with the same aesthetics, you can make the following changes:

    in /scripts/data_library_com.lua
    change line 13 by: aDataMap = { "mcability", "reference.mcability" },

    in /graphics/graphics_icons.xml
    add the following under "<!-- Sidebar -->"

    <icon name="button_pcclass" file="graphics/sidebar/button_blank.png" />
    <icon name="button_pcclass_down" file="graphics/sidebar/button_blank_down.png" />
    <icon name="button_world" file="graphics/sidebar/button_blank.png" />
    <icon name="button_world_down" file="graphics/sidebar/button_blank_down.png" />
    <icon name="button_investigator" file="graphics/sidebar/button_blank.png" />
    <icon name="button_investigator_down" file="graphics/sidebar/button_blank_down.png" />

    I have changed its font too, but thats more of a personal taste.

    Thanks again for your awesome job and helpful and kind assistance!!



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    @superteddy57 I asked that friend of mine to add the "Spells" button in the right sidebar, and to create a form to add the spells from the book. But the day after he told me that form was already created. You had already done that but I think you missed adding the Spells button in the sidebar.

    For anyone interested in, all you have to do is edit /scripts/data_libraru_com.lua and add the following right before "end".

    LibraryData.setRecordTypeInfo("spells", {
    sDisplayText = "library_recordtype_label_spells",
    aDataMap = { "spells", "reference.path" },
    aDisplayIcon = { "button_spells", "button_spells_down" },
    fToggleIndex = toggleCharRecordIndex,
    sRecordDisplayClass = "spells",

    shadow demon.JPG



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    Thanks Eldarc, sorry been busy with a few projects. Will have to circle back to add them. If your interested in taking over this project I'd be more than happy to toss you the reigns
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    Ruleset Developer

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    No problem at all, on the contrary, thank you for your awesome job!

    I'd be glad to take the reigns if I had any clue of programming. Unfortunately I'm just that pain in the arse who asks his IT friends to add or improve some functionalities.

    TY superteddy!


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    That friend of mine and myself are doing some improvements to this ruleset. I have no idea of programming whatsoever but I'm having so much fun copying and pasteing and learning some XML (the very, very basics). While my friend has done some improvements adding filters to the NPCs and Spells menus, and adding some fields to the NPC and item elements, I've been working on, in my opinion, a better character sheet layout. Just little tweaks but very welcomed. I think we'll be able to share with you our humble work pretty soon. Stay tuned.

    Meanwhile, I'd like to ask @Damned if it is possible to configure a roll based on /heal in order to always heal yourself. In this game, spells and potions don't heal a fixed amount of health points nor any die function. Their healing depends on the objective's healing rate. That is to say that the same spell would heal a warrior much more than a wizard. So I think the best way to heal someone is not from a healeR character sheet button but from a healeD character sheet button. It would be great that that button healed his own character no matter who he was targeting.

    Again, I apologise for my poor English. Thanks for your patience.

    Last edited by Eldarc; May 19th, 2020 at 05:59.

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    Hey Eldarc. Interesting as I've been working on some similar tweaks for my own but am in the same boat as you, no coding experience. As for healing, I end up coding /heal 0d0+(p1) so that the player can just input the # in p1 for whatever character they are healing. Then the DM has to ctrl drag/drop on the character to get it to heal. Not a bad workaround.

    Also, curious. Were you having trouble with the trackers after the latest update? I think I fixed it unless it was just me who had the issue. that is certainly possible....
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    Hi Gwydion! (Again, excuse my poor English)

    Yours is a good way to heal the PCs. That's what we used to use until I asked my friend for a new approach: double clicking on Healing Rate field in your character sheet to heal yourself. So if a cleric says he is using a spell that heals a character twice his healing rate, the healed player would only have to double click twice on his healing rate field. It works smoothly. The only minor issue is that we (he, actually) have not managed how to properly show this in chat. He's working on it.

    The big issue we're having and we don't know how to fix it so far is using the "/damage #d#" command. It doesn't work. Neither the combat tracker nor character sheet wound fields are updated. It seems like it's not even considering the attacker target in combat tracker because if he uses "/heal #d#" "against" the same target, it heals him perfectly and it's showed in chat even with its red cross icon. But when you use "/damage" it's not showed, it just prints the result, as a "normal roll". I wish Damned or SuperTeddy could bring some light to this issue, this could be beyond us.

    Once this gets fixed, we'll share our new version of this great ruleset. Though we'll explain every single feature we've humbly tried to add, I share a picture so you can get the gist of what we've done so far.




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    Great stuff, Eldarc! I'm going to keep playing around with what I'm doing but you all are clearly much further along than I am. As for the damage command I think the roll you want is /damageroll #d#. I use it and it targets and applies wounds just fine. I think /damage is intended to just be output into chat and doesn't recognize targeting.

    Did you see my question about the trackers? Were you having any script error issues? I'm curious if it was user error or if what I did actually fixed something.

    Awesome work!
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    Yeah! "/damageroll" did the job! I feel so dumb! hahaha Thank you!!!

    Regarding the trackers, do you mean your talent/spells trackers where you track how many uses you have left? I'm not having any issues that I'm aware of. If you're having issues when double clicking on it to register one use but it doesn't work, once you type how many uses you have, you can click anywhere else or just press Escape key, and then double click on it. It works for me.

    If this is not the issue you're having, I actually don't know what you mean, sorry.

    Since our main problem has been solved (thanks again Gwydion!), I think we'll be able to share this new version pretty soon.


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    Lol.. Yeah, i actually think that was the fundamental issue (clicking away). I figured that one out this weekend after I tried to update some of the code.....

    No worries about the /damageroll. Can't tell you how many times something similar has happened to me....
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