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    Well done guys.

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    I've upgraded FGC to FGU and with that decided to upgrade ruleset/extension.
    Looks like it wasn't a best idea to take Eldarc's version.
    FGU reports error with missing campaign/record_npc.xml. (extension has record_npc_SotDL.xml) and subsequently all my NPC vanished.

    Is there a way to convert my data to new extension?

    Also, do anyone else have issue with drag and dropping rolls? I'm unable to drag them from one npc to another(in both: old sotdl extension and Eldarc's).

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    Hi Felcelot!

    I'm sorry you lost all your NPCs. I hope you made a backup copy or exported them to a module before updating.

    I have no idea how to export your data to our new SotDL version, sry.

    I'm not having any issue drag-and-dropping rolls on NPC roll fields using FGC. I haven't checked it out in FGU.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eldarc View Post
    I'm sorry you lost all your NPCs.
    Oh, sorry, that's not what I meant. I haven't technically lost them. Just with your version they do not display.
    When I've returned to older version, I can access them.

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    I am trying to set up to be able to use this extension to try out SotDL with my group and I am having trouble figuring out what i am supposed to do to get things like weapon attacks or spells to work. The entry window that opens up for adding a function if full of a lot of fields I do not recognize, and none as simple as "damage" or "range". Is there are tutorial somewhere on how to use that window.

    Also, some posts in this thread seem to suggest the existence of library modules for SotDL but I can't seem to find anything.

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    @Reynard203 I didn't know how to do all the things you comment, but I asked about it in this very thread and I got great and kind answers.

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