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    Guys, I agree it is a bit more than what most want to pay today for what essentially is a PDF form of the old material. But considering back in the day they were $15 a pop in book form, adding in inflation and adding in the time it takes to convert them, especially ones like the clerics handbook, it really is not that bad. I agree if you are only going to use them a few times a year that makes it worse but if you are going to support the Handbooks as a DM then I guess, aside from converting them on your own, you have a choice of using them or not. I think we have covered the "I am not going to buy them because". With luck as mentioned earlier they may come down in price with the blessing of WOTC and FG, or maybe they will go into a bundle, until then complaining will do little to change things. I think the message has been stated and the powers that be know many will not buy them unless or until the price goes down.

    Myself I am buying them because I know after getting most of a module converted the time and effort that is put into it. Not to mention I have been waiting for 2E to come along for us to play on FG and I want to continue to support it so we can continue to get material to play this wonderful rule set.

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    Would happily pay $20 for the Complete Psionics Guide and $20 more for The Will and the Way as that's my favorite style of AD&D Psionic combat.

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