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    Quote Originally Posted by mozmonar View Post
    This may be obvious when I actually get a chance to open it in FG (at work currently) but are you saying the mechanics for psionics is already in place but actual psionic content is not? Is it possible now to make a psionicist and/or add psionic powers within the current rule set?
    You can yes, the powers are just "spells" of type Psionic. There are several other bits related (MAC/MTHACO/etc) on the character/npc sheets.

    It's not "officially" supported yet but the functionality is there.
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    I am going to toss my two-cents out here...

    At $20 per title, I am not buying any of the COMPLETE books. Logically, these books are close to an all or nothing, at least where named classes are concerned. (It doesn't make sense to have Bard kits but no Ranger kits, for instance.) So, if someone can reason that it will cost $300 to own all 15 books in FG and they decide that it is too expensive, they probably are going to completely opt out from buying any of the books.

    Anyhow, at $20 a book, you are going to get 100% of nothing from me.


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    Think the same as Topdecker... At 10$ maybe I'd buy any Complete books (same price as on DTRPG) but at 20 bucks no chance

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    I have to say I was really looking forward to the Complete books line coming out, but at $20, wow. To have to have each player drop $20 for each class, that is crazy. I appreciate how much work went into them, but Top makes a good point. I can see maybe that much for the book of humanoids, as that can be used by all players if they choose, but the class books, it is about double what I believe it should be.

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    I think a bundle deal for these, like we see for the 5E content, might be a nice middle ground here.

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    It was mentioned that they would like around 10 products before offering a bundle.
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    If they bundled just the COMPLETE PHB books, it would be $255 for all of them with the standard 15% discount.

    Just my opinion, but if they add them to a generic bundle, their inclusion will hurt the sales of the generic bundle. Besides, there are plenty of different ways to bundle things in 2e (Ravenloft books, Birthright books, Planescape books, Complete PHBs, Player Options for D&D 2.5, the DM reference books, the Complete Wizard/Priest spells, and so on) that make more sense than an all-or-nothing heap of random stuff.


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    Even bundling them wouldn't fix the actual issue. Think about it this way: The PHB, MM, and DMG are $20 each. Each of those books are used by everyone in the game, players and DMs alike. PHB has the class info, the DMG has the loot info, and the MM has the Encounter info. Any given group only "needs" one of each of these.

    Now the Handbooks are $20 each. In a 5 person group, 1 DM and 4 players (or 5 player or 6 players, etc) generally speaking, you usually only have 1 fighter, 1 wizard, 1 rogue, 1 priest, 1 paladin, etch. Even if you have 2 of each of those, each of these Handbooks are being used by 1-2 players at most. And they are used at creation, and not much beyond that. Where's the value?

    If the PHB/MM/DMG are $20 values, than these should be between 25-50% of that cost. Really, at $10/each, they would be valued well. $15/each with a bundle option available to bring the cost down to $10 would make sense also - to encourage buying the bundle. Especially when you have a Handbook bundle option, which would be a very nice value.

    Even originally, they were $18 each and the MM was $25 and the DMG was $20.

    This is just my opinion, of course.
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    I suspect WotC mandates a large part of the price point. As someone who will be buying what I can, if my wife leaves me any money that is, it would be nice at a lower price point, but a lot of work does go into preparing each book for the store. So, I don't know where the happy medium is.
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    There are many factors that go into determining a price point for a product.
    As consumers we can spend our money one time only so we have to choose what is the best use of our money.
    Trying to determine how someone else has valued a product is unlikely to achieve a result.
    The IP holders in turn have to work out how to get what they need from the product.

    Maybe the splat books are overpriced?
    Maybe the Core Rulebooks are underpriced.
    Maybe the Core Rulebooks will sell 20x the number of units the splat books will and so can still make more money.

    You dont need the splat books. And if you already have the physical/pdf splat books you can spend time on entering the data you want/need yourself.
    And as a GM you should not feel obligated to do all the spending. If a player wants to run that Fighter variant (and its ok with you as the GM) then they can go and buy the book.

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