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    Hey there Zaccheus and damned and co.! I regularly host games on a FGC standard license, and I just had a prospective new user try to connect up to a hosted game of mine with frustrating results. He was getting the same error message as Wongnim. He's using a newly purchased monthly subscription license for FGC on a Windows 10 machine. I tested and checked everything on my (host) side, but everything's good, and as I mentioned, I've recently hosted games with no problems.

    My client-friend is currently frustrated with all the troubleshooting he just tried on his end - unlikely though that is to be the problem - with Windows Firewall settings. He hasn't checked his router settings yet. I just wanted to post here in hopes of "opening a ticket" in some way and getting some support going. He was frustrated enough that he probably isn't opening a ticket for himself for the time being.

    Any further suggestions? How was Wongnim's issue resolved (assuming it was)? Thanks in advance. I love FG, and I hated to see a prospective new player get stymied by the tech issues!!

    Kevin in Tucson

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    My issue was unresolved as we determined the problem existed from somewhere at the isp level and outwards and that they were doing something with the data to make it not cooperate right. My resolution to the issue was to just wait for Unity as that will hopefully bypass these issues. Also this is a pretty darn old post but I'm fine with replying to it again but unfortunately I can't provide much reassurance besides just hoping these problems go away with Unity.

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    Thanks for replying, Wongnim. Not exactly the kind of news I was hoping for. And yes, I know the thread's a year old, but anytime I see someone on a forum with exactly the same problem as the one I'm having (or that my player is having), I like to know how it all came out.

    Admins...? Should I have my player open some kind of official ticket somewhere? Thanks in advance!

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    Firstly can the affected player connect to ANY GM?

    Second - get a player who can connect to do a tracert to the GMs IP address and get the player who cant connect to do the same. Post the results.

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    Also make sure that he hadn't canceled his sub right after making it. Paypal will automatically send the cancel request to the SM servers when that is done.
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