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    Sailor_Lovins 5E Modules

    Good day gamers!

    I have begun to convert many modules I use myself for the Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition ruleset. I will provide direct links to this post anytime I create a new module or update old ones. I also take requests for new module creation / conversions. My goal is to help my fellow developers make dmsguild.com and drivethrurpg.com content available for fantasy grounds, fully featured as one would expect any high quality module.
    I appreciate the support and hope you enjoy these modules as much as I have enjoyed creating / converting them. I am humbly appreciative of all constructive criticism with an open mind to continually improving the quality of gameplay for all DMs and players.

    Best Regards,
    Jeff "Sailor_Lovins" Lovins

    I can also be contacted at:
    Facebook https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010067569617
    Email: [email protected]

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    Izzy's Fantasy Grounds and Maps for Airships!

    Izzy's Fantasy Grounds comes with a fully featured reference manual including all three of Izzy's Airships manuals in one module.

    Thats right! All THREE of the Izzy's books are available in Fantasy Grounds Format!

    Unique library links with functioning fantasy grounds objects for ease of use.
    Multiple airship NPC blocks and equipment table entries that can be instantly integrated into any 5th edition game.
    Base airship NPC and Adventuring gear example provided to allow for quick creation of customized airships.

    Three new spells
    Five new magical items
    Three new NPC's with unique tokens ready for combat
    One new feat
    Airship battle map layouts included.

    THATS RIGHT FOLKS! Airship maps are now available!

    You want Airship maps? You got them!

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    Captains and Cannons
    Captains and Cannons: a Guide to Ship Combat in Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. The bestselling DMs Guild title is now available for Fantasy Grounds!
    This ruleset explains how to run a ship battle in your campaign. Whether you want to fight on lashed-together longships, blast enemies with the cannons of your carrack, or just ram rowboats, this ruleset has everything you need.
    Designed to be scalable, flexible, fast, and easy to learn, Captains and Cannons is here to make your naval based campaign come true.

    • Easy to learn rules on how to run ship combat encounters
    • 13 sample ships to use and adapt for your own campaign
    • 6 sample combat encounters, each with their own plot hooks, unique ship, and captains.
    • 4 sample "environmental challenges," complex weather patterns modelled after the complex traps in Xanathar's Guide to Everything.
    • List of ship equipment to upgrade and customise your vessel to fit your way of playing.

    Fantasy Grounds Features:

    • Fully featured DM and player manuals.
    • Quick reference sheets
    • Fantasy Grounds tips and item utilities for quickly creating custom ships and running vehicle encounters
    • Oceanic battle map
    • Ship tokens

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    Elminster's Guide to Magic

    “This is an incredible supplement full of clever writing that made me think Ed Greenwood had contributed. Every spellcaster, from wizards to clerics to eldritch knights, needs a copy of this book. Sure, this book has hundreds of balanced, creative, fun, new spells to fill your arsenal and is brimming with magic items both sinister and hilarious, but it also is chock full of story bits. Names for towers, magic words to shout when casting spells, and more, this supplement is worth at least triple every penny you drop on it... I could not be more excited!” (James Intracaso, host of Tabletop Babble)
    “A fantastic book filled with some of the greatest powers ever to shine in the lands of Faerun! This book is a a wonderful asset for players seeking more options for their arcane characters or dungeon masters seeking new ways to spice up their arcane villains!” (Mike Shea, author of The Lazy DM)
    "Elminster’s backlog of Wizard Tower Names and the tomes within the Spellcaster’s Library are perfect for those players that love to explore the details absent from current modules and will fuel your own adventures with new possibilities. Magical Trinkets and Strange Elixir made the little artificer in me go wild! My favorite section by far pertains to exemplary options for DMs or fastidious PCs roleplaying magical dialects and phrases with Verbal Spell Components. Okay, you got me… I’m impressed. (Ruty Rutenberg, Co-Creator & Dungeon Master of Maze Arcana)Become the ultimate spellcaster!Join Elminster, the Sage of Shadowdale, as he takes you on an astounding journey through all things magical. This indispensible guide contains some of the most potent and fantastic magic ever created! Between these covers, you will find:
    • Over 350 new spells, covering all schools and spellcasting classes
    • Over 50 new magic items
    • A guide for young wizards
    • A history of the magical factions of the Forgotten Realms
    • 8 fantastic new faction-based archetypes
    • ...and even more!

    This book contains nearly 180 pages of content, and every page is crammed with information, both wonderful and weird. Elminster's Guide to Magic is a must-have companion volume to the Player's Handbook, and will transform your character into the ultimate spellcaster!

    The Fantasy Grounds module version converts the original PDF book into a fully featured reference manual for virtual tabletop use. It contains everything the original PDF contains, and most of the 350 new spells parse with the 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons ruleset in FG for easy use. 8 new class archetypes are ready to apply and play with your Fantasy Grounds D&D character, conveniently integrating with the VTT via automation features.

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    reasonably compared to some fantasy grounds stuff on the DM's Guild

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    Hamund's Harvesting Manual

    Welcome dear reader to Hamund’s Harvesting Handbook, written by none other than I, Hamund Holderhek! But who am I you ask?Well, I am an adventurer at heart, a writer by passion, and a harvester at trade. I have travelled the many planes of the multiverse in search of adventure and story (for more of those stories, pick up any copy of “Hamund’s Harrowing Histories I-XXXV”).Through my life I have fought and defeated just about every kind of creature you can imagine: I have tussled with treants, skirmished with sphinxes, and even engaged in fisticuffs with a fomorian or two. Never being one to let something go to waste, I always took my trusty hunting knife to these creatures and had a look to see what they had to offer. I have spent many years writing down my findings and anecdotes, and I now present them to you less seasoned adventurers so you may soak in my wisdom.Yes, what you hold in your hands right now is a helpful guide to harvesting the creatures that a typical adventurer may face. You’ll learn not just how valuable a roc’s guts are, but also which way to twist your knife in order to extract them. The natural world is filled with riches just waiting for bold people like us to take them!Good luck and good harvesting,-Sir Hamund Holderhek, O.B.H. (First Class), V.A., N.K.P.----------------------------This Fantasy Grounds supplement aims to act as a handy reference for DM’s with loot hungry players that just want to carve up anything they have killed. It provides a monster harvesting loot table for every single unique monster in the 5th Edition Monster Manual. These loot tables are easy to reference and contain every piece of information your players could need when they tear their fresh kills apart. It also possesses over 200 new and unique craftable items to be made from your harvesting adventures, and all the information you would need for them. There are of course rules for both the harvesting and the crafting, and a few extra bonuses strewn in here too.Everything has been written with balance in mind, but you are of course feel free to rebalance anything in this guide to suit your own table, or feel free to message me at [email protected] or hit me up on Twitter @drifterworkshop to discuss anything in this guide.Features:
    • A loot table for every single monster in the Monster Manual, with flavourful descriptions of items that DM's can use as plot hooks for small side quests and adventures.
    • Over 200 craftable magic items, made from the materials your players harvest from their kills.
    • A pickpocket/trinket table for humanoids.
    • A new background, feat, and tool kit specifically for harvesting.
    • 6 NPC's you can slot into your campaign to provide crafting and merchant services to your players.
    • Printer friendly version for easy hard-copy referencing

    http://Add Hamund's Harvesting Manua...jlquSDY7ZvOCOc

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    Very nice. Will have to take a look when I get a chance but sounds like something I've wanted for some time

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    Hamund's Harvesting Handbook Volume 2

    Welcome back dear reader to another installation of Hamund’s Harvesting Handbook. By now I’m sure you’ve all cut your teeth on the monsters and creatures featured in Volume I of this series and have come back hungry for more. Well you are in luck, because I have spent the interim hunting and harvesting all of the monsters featured in that seminal work; Volo’s Guide to Monsters (written by another man who appreciates the value of good branding) and have prepared yet another catalogue of the natural riches to be found in the creatures around us.But wait, there’s more! I have brought back secret spells from forgotten lands, filled a list of new items to craft, and even compiled a compendium of the needy people I met on my travels in the hopes that my readers may lend them a helping hand. The book you hold in your hands is more than just an instruction manual, it is a veritable travel guide to adventure!So, indulge yourselves dear readers in the knowledge that I have gained and now pass onto you. Discover how to skin a sea spawn, gut a grung, and debone a devourer (which is quite a difficult feat considering they are almost nothing but bones). Learn how to craft powerful weapons from the spoils of your hunts, as well as wield new magic to aid you in your work. The sky is the limit in our profession, and even the old dogs among you could still stand to learn a few new tricks.Good luck and good harvesting,- Sir Hamund Holderhek, O.B.H. (First Class), V.A., N.K.P.---------------------
    This is the version for FANTASY GROUNDS. For the regular version click here

    This is the follow-up to the MITHRAL bestselling book Hamund's Harvesting Handbook, covering the monsters featured in Volo's Guide to Monsters. As before, this book aims to act as a handy reference for DM’s with loot hungry players that just want to carve up anything they have killed. This volume covers the monsters included in Volo’s Guide to Monsters, and as before, features a complete harvesting list for each monster, as well as over 80 new magical items to craft.The rules for harvesting and crafting are unchanged, but this book does add a few more interesting pieces to add to your harvesting adventures. Premiering in this book are new NPC merchants to provide services to harvesters, 6 new spells designed to help harvesters, as well as a job board for every monster in the Monster Manual and Volo’s Guide to Monsters to help DMs make harvesting-based quests on the fly.Everything has been written with balance in mind, but you are of course feel free to rebalance anything in this guide to suit your own table, or feel free to message me at [email protected] or hit me up on Twitter @drifterworkshop to discuss anything in this guide.Features:
    • A loot table for every single monster in Volo's Guide to Monsters, with flavourful descriptions of items that DM's can use as plot hooks for small side quests and adventures.
    • Over 80 new craftable magic items, made from the materials your players harvest from their kills.
    • A new set of pickpocket/trinket tables for humanoids
    • A quest board featuring every single monster from both the Monster Manual and Volo's Guide to Monsters, designed to be used by DM's to make simple quests on the fly
    • Rules for harvesting, crafting, special tools, and new proficiencies
    • 6 new NPC's to expand the services needed by harvesters
    • 6 new spells with a harvesting theme


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    When will volume 3 of Hamund's Harvesting be converted over to FG(U)?

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