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    I have tried the last example from mantis and i have this error when i click on "Parse" : (see parse error.jpg)
    And this result : (see parse result.jpg)

    I see no melee or ranged attack... and ability score is missing...
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    Works for me, are you using other extensions?

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    yes but i tried without extension to be sure and i have the same problem
    Edit : I use FGU
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    Tried in FGU. While I did not get the script error, I did notice that the example stat block above did not parse correctly because the negative ability modifiers were not using a hyphen character, but rather one of the other hyphen-like characters. There is a function I run at the beginning to fix these kinds of characters, and this function does the replacement correctly on FGC but not FGU for some reason. I will attempt to modify this function to find all of the variations of hyphen but in the meantime please make sure that any minus signs are using the hyphen character (do a global search and replace for anything that looks like a hyphen with the actual hyphen character on your keyboard).

    P.S. I have added some error checking to catch the script error you reported and log it. It will be in the next release of the extension, whenever that happens.

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    Ok sorry it was my fault, it works now. i did not get the script error anymore and i confirm i have hyphen and i must replace by minus.

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    Version 1.2.5 is now attached to post #2. This fixes an issue where spells would not get populated from modules when running in FGU.

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