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    Star Trek Adventures Ruleset

    Hello everyone,

    for the last couple months, I have been working on a ruleset for Star Trek Adventures. Aside from the inventory tab which I totally hate and don't know what to do with yet, I am finished with Phase 2. Phase 3 is to make it look pretty graphically. Right now, all the graphics were done by Ian Kirby, whose extension I borrowed a bit from. Since they are not mine, I want to make new ones.

    Either way, at this point, I would like to start testing the ruleset. I am attaching it here. If you play STA, and are able to, I would love as many people to use it and give me any and all feedback. The more people that use it, the more bugs I can find and the better I can make it.

    My next step, after graphics, is to start converting all the books into modules. I am in talks with Modiphius now about it. I won't be able to release those for free, since they are not my IP, but I am hoping that I can send it to them, and they can release it to the public.

    Thank you for all your help in improving this ruleset. I look forward to hearing from people.

    UPDATE: I have been taken on as a Dev for the Commercial version of the ruleset. Because of that, I have taken this one down as not to conflict with other versions.
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    Looking forward to trying it out!

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    I have put the file into the ruleset folder, but I don't see the ruleset on the create campaign list.

    Also I tried to extract the files to see if I could find the flaw and needed a password? I was hoping to try to skin it myself and access would be nice. Thanks.

    Vires Animi

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    The File has been password protected. statik37 will need to provide an unprotected version.

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    Sorry about that. I forgot I had that set to auto protect things I zip. I removed the password now.

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    This looks really good. Good job sir! I love the NPC sheet. So great when there is space to work with. Well done!

    I did get an error when pressing the rank field on the charactersheet: Script Error: [string "campaign/scripts/stalibrary.lua"]:103: attempt to index a nil value

    Vires Animi

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    It seems to do that only the first time you create a character in the first session of running the ruleset. I think I fixed it. I will update it now.

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    I'm teaching myself Adobe Illustrator, and I made better? sidebar buttons. Let me know what you think.


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    Quote Originally Posted by statik37 View Post
    I'm teaching myself Adobe Illustrator, and I made better? sidebar buttons. Let me know what you think.

    They look lovely!

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    I said on Facebook that I would give this a go next payday, but you intrigued me, so I re-subbed for an Ult License (I plan on running campaigns for an Online Gaming Community I'm in, UFPlanets), and wow.

    This is amazing.

    Now I just have to set it all up and surprise everyone!

    Can't wait to see your finished product, especially if you do a full LCARS theme!

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