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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex Craft View Post
    On what i understand that SR only coded spells that had effects/damage/heals
    For whatever it's worth, I did all spells I just was much more careful when it came to spells with effects, damage, and other items that required applied effects as well as those spells that could be upcast.

    I also went through and did all the formulas and skills, etc., that had applied conditions or damage.

    As you well know, it's a beast to do it all Like my (SR) Bestiary, I hope the day when it's rendered negligibly useful isn't too far down the road. We are getting there with the automation to the Bestiaries and look forward to when that focus can shift to other things like Spells and Skill Actions, etc.
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    The formula thing is very useful for alchemists. Albeit my player now has to edit all damage because of feats boni. Ouch for him, but he will pull through.

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    This mod is great. I can't overstate how much it improves gameplay. Thank you.

    I'll also note that we're on Unity and haven't had any issues.

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    Thanks for the update! My players are excited about this mod!

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