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    I understand the time to setup and maintain KS is quite a commitment.

    I can set up a Gofundme to raise the funds:

    Step 1: I set up a Gofundme to gather the funds
    Step 2: People pay to Gofundme
    Step 3: When we gather the $50, I withdraw
    Step 4: I send the funds to Devin
    Step 5: He creates those beautiful tokens, sends them to me, and I distribute

    I've never used Gofundme, but it's available here in Europe. Fees are 2.9% plus 0.25 EUR ($0.30) per donation, so we'd have to raise a bit more than the $50 so we don't shortchange Devin.

    I don't know how to price this. Thing is, if we set the Gofundme at 10 USD per person we'd only need five people which I think we could muster. But they could probably get it cheaper by waiting for it to be released on Devin's store, so the funders need to be aware of this.

    Alternatively, if we set it to $4, it would possibly be cheaper than on Devin's store. But we would require 13 people to donate, and I'm not sure we can find that many here.

    Any thoughts?

    Quote Originally Posted by Kyuss View Post
    Devin, you rock! Thank you for sending me the tokens you had that you thought might work for COC. Magnimost, I am willing to kick in some $$$ as well. I think your list looks good, Thoughts on a Hound of Tindalos token?
    I think Hound of Tindalos is a great idea! Perhaps replace Mi-Go with a Hound?
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    I'd throw in some money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by seycyrus View Post
    I'd throw in some money.
    Another round of "I'm in"?

    I'm in.

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    Ok, I have talked to Magnimost, and I think the easiest thing to do is just make the tokens. No upfront cost to anybody, All I need is a good list of about 20 creatures. If people want to send reference pics of 2-3 creatures directly to me that would be great. I can google the popular ones, but if your version looks a certain way please let me know. Once the tokens are made I will release the set as quickly as I can. Cthulhu adjacent tokens are fine. Thanks.

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    Excellent, thank you Devin!

    @all You can pay (donate) to him on his site There's a donate-button on the panel on the right, couldn't find a donate page to link to directly. I just sent him $10.

    Here a quick list of creatures with direct links to images. Please feel free to add more images and creatures!

    Lesser and Greater Servitor Races, and other smaller monsters:
    - Byakhee
    - Dimensional Shambler
    - Elder Thing
    - Yithian
    - Deep One
    - Shoggoth
    - Nightgaunt
    - Hunting Horror
    - Ghast
    - Mi-Go
    - Hound of Tindalos
    - Cthonian
    - Dark Young of Shub-Niggurath
    - Serpent People
    - Shantak
    - Star-Spawn of Cthulhu
    - Star Vampire
    - Servitor of the Outer Gods
    - Dhole

    Great Old Ones and Outer Gods, and other big bads
    - Azathoth
    - Ithaqua
    - Nyarlathotep
    - Shub-Niggurath
    - Tsathoggua
    - Yog-Sothoth
    - Cthulhu

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    So we just need to donate some cash via the donate link on his site? Do we need to send an email or anything to go along with it so he knows what it's for etc?

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    Donations aren't required. Just post a couple monsters/creatures if they haven't been mentioned in Magnimost's post.

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    This is awesome, thank you Devinnight! I'm really looking forward to the new packs.

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    Awesome, thanks, and donation made because you should get paid for the great work you do!

    Here's the only ones I found interesting that Magnimost didn't already list;

    - Flying Polyp
    - Formless Spawn
    - Fungi from Yuggoth
    - Hound of Tindalos
    - Ithaquaa
    - Servitor
    - Shoggoth

    Since I'm no CoC expert I may have not gotten the best image search results, so anyone else can post better links if desired.

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