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    I just donated $10.

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    I think this one works better for Formless Spawn, but YMMV

    - Formless Spawn

    Quote Originally Posted by LordEntrails View Post
    Awesome, thanks, and donation made because you should get paid for the great work you do!

    Here's the only ones I found interesting that Magnimost didn't already list;

    - Flying Polyp
    - Formless Spawn
    - Fungi from Yuggoth
    - Hound of Tindalos
    - Ithaquaa
    - Servitor
    - Shoggoth

    Since I'm no CoC expert I may have not gotten the best image search results, so anyone else can post better links if desired.

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    Excellent, looking forward to it.

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    Awesome! Thanks a lot! Here's my contribution:

    Lesser and Greater Servitor Races, and other smaller monsters:
    - Leng Spider
    - Man of Leng
    - Moon-Beast

    Great Old Ones and Outer Gods, and other big bads
    - Atlach-Nacha
    - King in Yellow
    - Dagon

    Azathoth is supposed to be an idiot god: formless, unthinking, a ridiculously powerful entity, ever expanding. Don't think there's a point to create a token for it.
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    Loic Muzy is certainly the best artist concerning the chtulhu mythos : http://loicmuzy-artwork.blogspot.com...l?view=sidebar, you can find all you need here.
    And thanks a lot Devin Night, I will buy those tokens !
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    I am a couple weeks behind schedule, summer always slows me down and I had a huge wave of new requests over the past couple months. I will be starting the set next week. I will post previews as I get them done. If you donated ahead of time please remind me once the pack has been released and I will make sure you get the pack for no additional cost. Thank you everyone who got the ball rolling on this set.

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    Heheh, come back after a few months out of the game (RL caught up with me) after Devin tells me you all got together and made a list of monsters. Love it! I guess my idea took off, and hope you all liked the characters I commissioned for the PCs Still have another list of characters I can think of:
    Jungle Native
    Chinese Royalty
    Middle Eastern Street Vendor
    Middle Eastern Assassin
    Middle Eastern Commoner
    Savannah Native
    Tibetan Monk
    Fire fighter
    White Collar Worker
    Crazy Street Corner Preacher
    Asylum Inmate
    Weird Scientist
    Park Ranger

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    It has begun. It will take about three weeks to get them done.


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    Thanks. Lord E, I think I have those covered but I will double check. I have a list of around 30 tokens from various sources.

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    I’m very happy that these are getting done, Devin.

    Are we getting Creatures and Character tokens?

    Just let us know where and when you want payment.

    With fiendish delight,

    Spooky Mizu

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