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    Quote Originally Posted by Pelti View Post
    Any updates yet?
    Unfortunately not.

    This is the update I posted on the Zweihander Discord Channel on 31 March:

    The project is currently on hold during the COVID-19 crisis. The developer is not available at the moment and I recently set up an initiative to provide simple digital tools and templates for households to help bridge the gap between COVID-19 policy guidelines and behaviors to keep families and loved ones safe (https://www.coronavirus-toolkit.com/).

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    I came across Zweihander and I must say, I'd like to add this to my FGU. Send me a message of progress and what skills your looking for in your volunteer effort.
    LFG 1 Player flexible play time
    Term: join a Starfinder campaign
    Voice: download software group is using
    Game System Experience: access to most Starfinder material.
    Fantasy Grounds Experience: Be using FGU since Oct 2020, I have the Ultimate License.
    Character Type Preferred: I like to pick and roll my character or play characters needed
    About me: enjoy a balance of Combat/Problem Solving/Role-Playing. Military veteran.
    Licenses: FGU Ultimate

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    Thanks for the inquiry. I have been unable to find any developers willing to provide time to help develop the ruleset. If you have a lot of time, skill and energy to lead the ruleset development, let me know!

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    Hi, I was working on some extensions lately (1st and 2nd Edition Warhammer extensions [building on the corresponding rulesets] and 7th Sea Morecore and testing a new-in-development Warhammer 4th ed MoreCore Ext). As far as my memory goes Zweihander is some kind of Warhammer-alike ruleset with similar mechanics (D100, Attribute+Skill and careerbased)?
    If the ruleset itself (that means character sheet and game mechanics) can be worked on under a free and public licence, you may kindly ask any of the other ruleset owners if you may build upon their work (which may or may not give you a good starting base). To me there is nothing wrong if the content right holder is then charging money for his IP, bringing Items/Skills/Spellists/Adventures as modules. On the other hand the GMs and players still are free to create their own content (e.g. write own adventures). You may never forget, apart from some few rolesets, RPGing is not a gold mine. Never was, never will be. So please respect one anothers work and different views and tollerate Intellectual Property from people doing it for a living as well as the work of enthusiasts doing it as their hobby.

    You can find the different rulesets here:
    1st Edition Warhammer - sadly, really cool, but I fear Code basis is too old to use (builds upon 3.5E)
    2nd Edition Warhammer - https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...ntasy-RPG-2-ed by Paul Pratt, a very polished ruleset covering A LOT of rule variants and automation, building upon CoreRules, really great, but perhaps also too complex to build upon if you won't need the automation or it does not match
    MoreCore - Contact Damned about it, a really great extension, I was able to use MoreCore with one slight modification extension to master 7th sea out of the box with all exploding rolls possible
    4th Ed Warhammer - Build upon MoreCore, https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...ntasy-RPG-4-ed by Wyrd and ShakyLuigi, still in development. Building an extension with custom character sheet upon morecore. Perhaps one could unite some efforts to build some dice and roll automatics together

    All the mentioned are FGU-compatible as far as I know.
    From Space, hm? I heard it is pretty cold out there that time of year...

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