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    "Manage Characters" button

    What happened to the "Manage Characters" button on the home screen?

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    There is no Manage Characters in Unity. You will just start a new campaign to create characters, or create them in an existing campaign or when joined to a DM.
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    I don't have a link handy, but I remember reading somewhere that the "Manage Characters" functionality was very strange and unusual from a programming perspective because it wasn't quite a campaign mode but shared many features of a campaign mode. It was also infrequently used, and provided no functionality that simply creating a "My Character Campaign" provides. So the dev team decided to remove the feature in order to make FGU simpler and cleaner, and the workaround as Zacchaeus noted is to create a campaign for your characters, which should work pretty much the same way once the campaign is created.

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    How will the character get into the created campaign? The advantage of Manage Characters is that you can get to your in-game characters for the ruleset.

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    Export the character from the creation campaign and give the exported character to the GM.
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    Also, in FGU, any characters in any local campaigns as well as any cached player campaigns will be available to import into a campaign you are playing in.


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    This isn't working the way I expected it to work, so I have 2 questions.

    I have an ultimate license and start a campaign, "Campaign A". I have 6 PC's.

    If I then close that campaign, and my friend, who also has an Ultimate License starts a campaign, "Campaign B", and the same players join his game.

    1) I would have expected for those players to be able to import their PC's from Campaign A into Campaign B. But it appears the GM needs to export the PCs and the 2nd GM needs to import them. Is this the expected flow?
    2) If this _IS_ the expected flow, would a feature request to enable the players to load cached PCs from the client into new camapaigns they join as opposed to the GM-side, be worthwhile?
    2) If the players type "/save" in chat, is says their characters have been saved. Where?

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    Some answers to your questions:

    1) This is the expected flow. The Campaign A characters are only on your machine, therefore only you would be able to import those characters. The GM machine talks to each player as a central server; the player clients do not know about or talk to each other internally.

    2) PCs will be available for you to import which are from local campaigns on your machine; or from campaigns which you played in using that machine. These are individual to each player. Since player machines can't talk to each other, a player can only import PCs on their own machine.

    3) The characters are saved in a cache directory in the FGU data folder. The only way to access that data is to connect to the same campaign; or they can import a copy into another campaign they have joined.

    **4) In your scenario above, since all the PCs are already on one of the player's machines, the player who hosted the "creation campaign" would need to import a copy of all 6 PCs to the new campaign. Then, the GM would need to release those PCs by right-clicking on them, and selecting Clear Owner. Then, other players could grab those PCs.

    **5) The expected usage is:
    a) You log into the GM's machine to make your character for that campaign.
    b) OR, you make the character on your own machine (in a campaign), and then import a copy of that PC from your machine when you connect to another GM's campaign.


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    Ok. So it appears I misunderstood, and as A player, if I join a campaign, my PC isn't stored locally on my machine, it's stored with the campaign data on the GM machine.

    We have a group with 2 GMs (both with ultimate licenses) and a number of players for Adventurer's League games. so if we swap GM for those, it seems like it's up to the GMs to keep the PCs in sync, or to export the PC's at the end of every session for the players to manage.

    In this case it seems like it would be easier for the Player's client to cache the PC data to allow for import, if they connect to a new campaign.

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    The player's client should already be caching the PC. If you change campaigns, then the player has to import the latest copy to the current campaign.


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