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    SWADE & Fantasy Companion Compatibility?

    Hello everyone, 1st time posting here.

    I just got Fantasy Grounds along with the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition (SWADE) DLC. I've been adapting one of my homebrewed tabletop campaigns to it and realized that the bestiary from the Fantasy Companion would make things easier. The Steam DLC for the Fantasy Companion lists as a requirement the "one time purchase of the Savage Worlds Ruleset." I'm wondering if the new Savage World Adventure Edition DLC would satisfy that requirement?
    Or would I need the "Savage Worlds Ruleset" DLC, which appears to be based upon the Savage Worlds Deluxe edition of the rules?

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    It's compatible in the sense that, yes it will load in the SWADE ruleset. When SWADE was released the ruleset developer and most of the community developers who do Savage Worlds DLC made several adjustments so that everything will load into both rulesets.

    However. Certain things from SWD (Deluxe) no longer exist in SWADE, and in those cases you'll encounter link errors (for example if, say, some Edge which was removed for SWADE) you'll get an error if anyone clicks that link. Stuff like that. PEG is working on brand new editions of all the Companions, though. It's just a matter of "when?" and once they're out, will they be free upgrades for owners of the SWD Companions or will they be wholly new products? I'm not sure if those plans have been finalized yet.

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    Many thanks for the reply Talyn. I'm going to hold off on a purchase though until at least the FG Unity version is released.

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    Thank you so much for posting this question and the reply as well. It saved me a lot a concern with adapting add-on pack to SWADE.

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