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    Thanks damned. Yes I did what you said I did in zipping up the whole folder. I did make the changes so I'll just zip up the contents this time. At least I'm learning something and didn't just give up.

    And it works now as you said it would! Thanks for all your help damned. I learned something about these files with this experience.
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    I recently discovered Ironsworn and wondered if FG supported it at all. I put the .mod in the modules folder and the .ext in the extensions folder. But where should I install the xml file? I have FG Unity and classic but would mostly like it to work in FG Unity.

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    Go into ccharaters and import and locate the XML file and import it. you will have a pregen Ironsworn character.

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    For FGC (ultimate license), what rule set would be used? I don't see an option for MoreCore but do see CoreRPG. Otherwise, I did what Jingo did (ext in the Extension subfolder, mod in the Module subfolder). What am I doing wrong?

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    MoreCore is a ruleset you need to add, it's a community (damned specificaly) created ruleset. Here's a link to the download:

    You'll want the file MoreCore.pak attached to that post. Put that in your Fantasy Grounds data folder, in /rulesets

    Then it will show up in the list when you launch FG.

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    Worked like a charm. Can't wait to try this out. Thanks so much for the advice!

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