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    Increase font size?

    For those of us who are veterans of the original 70s RPG craze, is there any way to make the text bigger in the FG application? My eyes are not what they used to be...

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    Try this extension

    There's a couple of others as well if that one doesn't work for you.
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    You can also use the /scaleui command to make the whole screen smaller/bigger. You can use any value from 50 to 200 (50% to 200%). If you use, try bumping in 20% increments so it doesn't get too small/big.


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    Thanks all. Big fonts is an improvement. Seems odd not to have a scaler for text. Can't enlarge all, since I run out of real estate. Tried that natively in Win10 anyway. Made text readable, but no space for anything else. Text needs to be bigger in the same sized window.

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    You can’t scale text in place without scaling other elements without creating problems with all the sheets and fields which are fixed size. You would get lots of text overlapping and clipping.


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    I downloaded the bigfonts.ext and it didn't really help. The buttons and font are still tiny.

    The small font size makes FGU practically unusable. Any advice would be appreciated.
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    If the buttons are still unreadable with bigfonts, you are going to have to use /scaleui because you are on a big monitor or in a high resolution.

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    I've been using bigger fonts in Classic for a couple of years and it's really helpful. When I load Unity, however, I no longer have access to the big font extension. Is there a unity version available?

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    You have to copy the extensions to your Unity data folder.

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    Thanks, Damned. The Big Fonts extension worked in Unity, but produced a number of errors. The 14 point and 11 point extensions did not work. Not sure if that's because my machine is a Mac. The unity team has a lot going on, but I have error logs for all three loads if you think they would be helpful.

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