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    Quick question. I noticed in your screenshots, you have the weapons and talents programmed into your character sheets. Do we populate these ourselves or has someone created a module with the weapons or talents included?
    Anything taken from published SJG material can only be distributed with their permission. So unfortunately, while I do have my own library of In the Labyrinth items, spells, talents, races, monsters, etc., I can only use it in my personal games.

    Until SJG shows interest in supporting TFT on FG, I'm afraid each GM needs to populate their own libraries.

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    I've already added the weapons and will put in the other libraries. No problem. Everything works great!

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    Hi AmadanNaBriona I am new to the forms and to Fantasy Grounds. Thank you for creating TFT to be more user friendly on Fantasy Grounds. How do you open the TFT.pak and run it on Fantasy Grounds? Thanks.

    I figured it out. I didn't realize it was so easy you just need to know where to download the pak file to then update FG. For anyone else not knowing where to download it you open up Fantasy Grounds. In the upper left hand corner there is a folder where the rulesets are located. You can just past it in there. Then update FG.
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