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    Yes, please post bugs, feature requests, etc., here.

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    Here is the log

    [4/10/2020 1:14:01 PM] Launcher scene starting.
    [4/10/2020 1:14:10 PM] Starting free mode.
    [4/10/2020 1:14:10 PM] Launcher scene exiting.
    [4/10/2020 1:14:10 PM] Tabletop scene starting.
    [4/10/2020 1:14:19 PM] [<color="red">ERROR</color>] font: Missing TTF tag for font (sheetnumberlarge). [TFT] [graphics/graphics_fonts.xml]
    [4/10/2020 1:14:19 PM] [<color="red">ERROR</color>] font: Missing TTF tag for font (sheetnumbersmall). [TFT] [graphics/graphics_fonts.xml]
    [4/10/2020 1:14:19 PM] [<color="red">ERROR</color>] font: Missing TTF tag for font (sheetlabelsmall). [TFT] [graphics/graphics_fonts.xml]

    Non-critical load errors, game session still loads.

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    Thanks - this turns out to be because Unity does not allow fgf fonts, so I had to add TTF tags. That will be fixed in the next upload.

    So far, I haven't done much testing in FGU. Currently I am seeing a warning in Unity that says

    [WARNING] Frame tabs contains out-of-range values in BottomLeft.

    I haven't been able to track down what's causing that, though.

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    I've had a lot of problems with Classic in the GURPS and DFRPG games I play in. Weird display issues, dice rolling twice or three times when I drop a roll in, etc.
    So far, no issues at all in Unity.
    I'm buying the Unity Unlimited license this week.

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    I have the Unity Unlimited license (I backed the Kickstarter), but until now, I'd only been using Classic since I wasn't sure how developed Unity was. So far, the TFT ruleset seems to work fine in Unity.

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    After working with Unity on this TFT sample campaign I'm going all in on Unity. It is already as good as or better than Classic. And it is cross-platform.
    One-time Unlimited purchase has my name on it after this months bills are paid.

    Is there anything you need smoke tested? I was thinking about starting to build all the resource files to make a TFT game work for live games. Obviously, they would only be for my personal use until such time as SJGames updates the legal stuff to make VTT plugins work OOTB.

    The plan is to start small with Weapons and Equipment, but to eventually include Talents and Spells.

    Any tips on data entry to make them reusable if/when they can be incorporated into the ruleset?
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    I would love to see screenshots and play reports from Unity. I am going to continue to develop mostly for Classic, if for no other reason than that they haven't enabled the "/reload" option in Unity yet.

    Let me know if you start building those resource files. I haven't done extensions or modules yet, and work best from examples. I don't know when or if SJG will approve of sharing them publicly, but I have been in touch with them and they didn't shoot the idea down out of hand, so fingers crossed.

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    I have noticed that since we started the idea to do Virtual FnordCon that SJ has been learning at lightning pace about the new tech options available to them. He has been saying that he is willing to look at proposals with demonstrations to make up his mind. I think your ruleset is ready to be demonstrated as well as Ronnke's GURPS ruleset. They both work very well and would really open the market to new players if they could sample those games using the same level of support they have with D&D.

    They have said that it should be as complete as possible prior to pitching it to him.
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    Version 1.4 - Ronnke added an auto-switch option to the Combat Tracker, so now it will automatically switch between Initiative order and adjDX order when advancing turns.

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    Version 1.5 - Equipping/Unequipping in the inventory list is now reflected on the character's weapons and armor list.

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