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    Where is this extension tutorial?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Panzermeyer View Post
    Where is this extension tutorial?
    Here at this link

    Something to be aware of though, is that the extension examples given in the tutorial are for an older edition of the client and the code no longer works. It's still a good tutorial though for understanding the basics of how you create an extension. The 1st couple of pages or so, should be enough to understand how to use the extension example that Lozanoge posted.

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    So in the tutorial it uses an uncommon path for placing the extension that would allow the extension to be loaded.


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    Put into the extensions folder in your FG library data path. If you are unsure where that is click the folder icon at the top of the launcher.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Panzermeyer View Post
    So in the tutorial it uses an uncommon path for placing the extension that would allow the extension to be loaded.

    There isn't really a common Extension path, because it's a subfolder within the data directory which you can change at the time of installation, or afterwords via the 'Data Directory' box on the Settings form. It confused me at first and I actually ended up changing my Data Directory path because I didn't find the initial location particularly convenient.
    As Mortar said, the [Open Data Folder] button on the top right of launcher always opens the folder that's currently listed in the Data Directory box.

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    Sorry if this is a silly question, but does this all work with the Unity version of FG? I tried to make it work and it didn't seem to.

    Nevermind, figured it out in Unity. My apologies for the post.
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    My big question is how do I use the Arcane Background Changer for SWADE by Viriato139ac extension? I have her all loaded up but don't know how to use it.

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    Thanks to everyone for the patient advice on this subject, but the XML coding is confusing the hell out of me. Jeff's Tutorial (elsewhere in this thread) doesn't work for me at all, so I reverted to dropping lozanoje's ext file above into my extensions folder, and... nothing happened. No extra option appears in my load game or new game window, so I'm stumped.

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    That could be because it's for a different version of the SW rules.
    Here's one I wrote for my setting. It runs in FGU, Core Rules 3.3.12A, SWADE 5.2.10.
    It removes the psionics and weird science ABS and adds bard, mystic warrior, nature, and shaman.
    It's named Teledrial AB Changer in the list of extensions. It will give a message in chat that it loaded.
    Teledrial ABs.ext

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