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    Thank-you Dakadian ... this is fantastic! Will post on the Rolemaster Forums.
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    Thank you very much for your work!
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    Thank you very much Dakadin

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    We all appreciate the hard work Dakadin. This will help a lot of people.

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    Awesome. Totally awesome.

    Thanks for all the work!

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    I love when great news come out of nothing and brighten my day, thanks Dakadin!
    I'm sure a lot of us are going to give this a lot of use.

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    Thanks. I appreciate it but you will want to wait until you get a chance to try it. With all the changes and mainly me testing it, I do expect issues to come up. I do think you will be happy with it in the long run though. I tried to include as much functionality as possible from the existing ruleset and add to it. One of the things I haven't figured out yet is how to get the phased combat working so that didn't make it into this release yet.

    I did add a couple minor things to the Table Resolver though:
    RMC v2 Table Resolver.JPG

    They are a Hits Multiplier, Unmodified Roll, and Max Roll.

    The Hits Multiplier is for those attacks that are 2D, 3D, 4D, etc. When you drag the result from the Table Resolver, it will multiplier the Hits by the Hits Multiplier. It will do this for attack and critical tables.

    The Unmodified Roll will store the first roll for an attack or MM. This allows you to change that value. It comes in handy if you are trying to use the ruleset with a bunch of players around a table not using FG which I've done a couple times. I have them roll the dice while I roll the appropriate attack and then I replace the roll field with their die result. It just didn't work well when they got one of the unmodified results on the table because I would sometime miss them if there were large modifiers.

    The Max Roll will limit the roll for the table. It is for the claw law or martial arts attacks that don't max at 150. For example, a Small or Rank 1 attack has a max of 105, if 105 is in the Max Roll field then it will stop the attack at that result.


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    I suspect I have the same feeling that others have; we're both giddy and elated at the signs of any progress, regardless of the shape of it. It's such a contrast to the deafening roar of silence we've gotten used to receiving from ICE. As long as there's a helpful way for users to send you notifications of issues and findings, I suspect testers will come out of the woodwork.

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    Any issues can be posted here. I always try to resolve them as quickly as possible.

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    Sounds awesome, thanks for all the work you put in.
    I was currently trying to build an extension/ module with some races and professions from the companions. Do you already have any hints or examples how these should be adapted for the new version?
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