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    Release Updates for April 14th, 2020

    Please remember not to update right before a game starts.

    In order for some of the updates to be visible, you may need to open the modules window from Library->Modules, right click on the book for the updated module and select "revert changes". Be warned, any edits you've made will be lost.

    The following products have been updated:

    Pathfinder RPG - Advanced Class Guide
    • [Fixed] Added shaman spirit and warpriest blessing to the special abilities

    Odyssey of the Dragonlords
    • [Fixed] Great Boar NPC Tusk attack
    • [Fixed] 601.01 Bandits and Centaurs encounter missing 5 centaurs

    D&D Explorer's Guide to Wildemount
    • [Added] Additional equipment items and NPCs to make module more DM friendly
    • [Added] Feolinn and Kamordah wines to the equipment list

    • [Updated] NEW theme update finished, so the Target Number is easy to see! Plus new buttons to allow me to be shown, and CoreRPG icons in radial menus.
    • [Updated] Buttons for Careers, Traits and for NEW Homelands
    • [Fixed] Exploits can now have a name
    • [Updated] Skills can now be created
    • [Updated] Skills can now be filtered by the group to which they belong
    • [Updated] Traits can now be created
    • [Updated] Traits can now be filtered by the Characteristic to which they belong
    • [Updated] NEW Homelands can now be created, when assigning skills use the word ' or ' if there's more than one, ie 'Mining or navigation', if you want more than 2 choices, use ' or ' or use a comma, ie 'Mining, navigation or survival'
    • [Updated] NEW Homelands update the characteristics, plus assign the skill, or allow the user to assign the skill if there's a choice
    • [Updated] D60 dice added, so you can assign a D60 and a D6 to a table and roll the D66! I'll look at updating the NEW book with these when I can.

    A03: Champions Rest
    • [Updated] Enhanced for Unity (Occluders)

    A01 - Crypt of the Sun Lord
    • [Updated] Enhanced for Unity (Occluders)

    A00: Crows Rest Island (SW)
    • [Updated] Enhanced for Unity (Occluders)

    B02: Happiness in Slavery
    • [Updated] Enhanced for Unity (Occluders)

    A02 - Devil in Darkwood
    • [Updated] Enhanced for Unity (Occluders)

    Mini-Dungeon #004: Summoner's Remorse (PFRPG)
    • [Updated] Enhanced for Unity (Occluders)

    Mini-Dungeon #002: Hobgoblin Lair
    • [Updated] Enhanced for Unity (Occluders)

    Mini-Dungeon #001 - Buried Council Chambers (PFRPG)
    • [Updated] Enhanced for Unity (Occluders)

    5E Mini-Dungeon #005: The Soularium
    • [Updated] Enhanced for Unity (Occluders)

    Mini-Dungeon #004: Summoner's Remorse
    • [Updated] Enhanced for Unity (Occluders)

    Mini-Dungeon #002: Hobgoblin Lair (5E)
    • [Updated] Enhanced for Unity (Occluders)

    Mini-Dungeon #001 - Buried Council Chambers
    • [Updated] Enhanced for Unity (Occluders)

    Mongoose Traveller 2E ruleset
    • [Added] Spacecraft - All the spacecraft from the Core Rulebook have been added (and updated to High Guard values)
    • [Fixed] NPC - When dragging a skill with a specialisation over to the Skills section, an error would occur. This error has been fixed, dragging the skill to increase the skill level will only work for non-specialised skills.
    • [Fixed] Actions - On weapons with rates of fire, the RoF box would not take into account the Delete button being shown
    • [Updated] Theme - A few buttons here and there have been tided up (Visibility on the CT for example)
    • [Added] Spacecraft - Ability to add custom spacecraft - see below
    • [Updated] Weapons - Weapons no longer need to state the Damage type, see below
    • [Updated] Armour - No longer will Kinetic need to be named as the Resistance Type, see below
    • [Updated] Worlds - The World Sheet has been tidied up, allowing it to be made wider plus the 'Codes' smaller to allow the description more space
    • [Fixed] NPC, Worlds - The tabs are aligned correctly on the right-hand side
    • [Fixed] Equipment - Work has been done to align the various Equipment windows so that the data matches across all three
    • [Fixed] Scholars - Tables for the Scientist and Physician (Core rulebook and players reference) have been linked correctly
    • [Updated] Equipment - The categories for Book 2, Central Supply Catalogue have all been added, as this book will soon be released
    • [Updated] Theme - The Chat Window has been changed due to feedback. It's now easier to read the text as the background and text colours have been changed
    • [Updated] Theme - The CoreRPG theme simplification (fonts, buttons) have been merged in
    • [Fixed] Battle Dress - Was showing the wrong price in the Equipment -> Armour pages
    • [Fixed] Actions - On weapons with rates of fire, the RoF box would not take into account the Delete button being shown
    • [Updated] Skills - All skill specialisms are listed and can be dragged and dropped.
    • [Updated] Skills - All specialisms dropped will default to Level 1, if the default skill doesn't exist it will be added at level 0.
    • [Fixed] Unskilled skill - Is now readonly, and the -3 is shown.

    Beasts & Barbarians
    • [Added] Displayname to GM and Player Guides for improved readability in Library
    • [Fixed] Category name to 'Beasts & Barbarians'
    • [Fixed] Per SmiteWorks' policy, the theme extension is now separate from the functional extension. 'Beasts & Barbarians Golden Edition' has the scripts to add the new arcane backgrounds and remove the banned ones, and add the BBGE desktop decal. 'Theme - Beasts & Barbarians Golden Edition' is just the graphical theme with no additional scripting.

    Player Guide
    • [Added] Missing Edges
    • [Added] "Silly" Edges from GM Guide; denoted with (Silly) the type field
    • [Fixed] Edges now indicate their correct type
    • [Fixed] Edges, Hindrances now display in correct window class
    • [Fixed] New powers now display in correct list class
    • [Fixed] Cleaned up results in the 'After the Adventure Events' table
    • [Fixed] Changed Arcane Backgrounds page to the 'sw_referenceinlineindex' window class
    • [Added] SmiteWorks licensing text

    GM Guide
    • [Fixed] Improved output of Adventure Generator tables, and the display in the Story Template to improve readability
    • [Added] Direct link to the adventure generator story template
    • [Removed] "Silly" Edges; moved to Player Guide
    • [Fixed] 'Monsters of the Dominion' NPC list now displays in the correct window class
    • [Added] Page for the Modified Monstrous Ability to not take up space in the Monsters list

    Beasts & Barbarians: Death of a Tyrant (Savage Worlds)
    • [Added] Displayname to fix adventure name
    • [Fixed] Author

    Beasts & Barbarians: Garden of Death
    • [Added] Displayname
    • [Fixed] Author

    Beasts & Barbarians Steel Edition Player Guide
    • [Fixed] All data updated to SWADE!
    • [Fixed] Displayname and author text
    • [Fixed] Library category
    • [Added] Missing Edges
    • [Fixed] Edges now indicate their correct type
    • [Added] Poverty (Minor) hindrance was missing
    • [Added] 'Forbidden Hindrances' text to Hindrances list
    • [Added] 'Banned arcane backgrounds' text to the Edges list
    • [Added] Modified Stealth skill
    • [Fixed] All vehicles and the Vehicle list updated to SWADE versions
    • [Fixed] Renamed the following Hindrance: Code of Honor (Amazons) toCode of Honor - Amazons (Major); Code of Honor (Corsairs) to Code ofHonor - Corsairs (Major) so they work with the Hindrances list filter
    • [Fixed] Modified Powers and New Powers refpages. Now mimics the layoutin the SWADE Player Guide and each power is linked from itsdescription
    • [Fixed] Skills now link directly to their applicable arcanebackgrounds rather than the refpage
    • [Fixed] Cover art now uses an imagelink; removed text link
    • [Added] Added to Credits refpage: BBSE logo, SmiteWorks licensingtext, and links to GRAmel and Fantasy Grounds websites
    • [Added] 'Fantasy Grounds Edition' refpage
    • [Fixed] Replace instances of Knowledge() skills with Academics
    • [Fixed] Heroes chapter of reference manual updated to SWADEHindrances, Edges, and accompanying text. Updated layout to matchSWADE Player Guide. All Hindrances and Edges linked in theirdescriptions
    • [Added] Default Setting Rules refpage to Setting Rules chapter
    • [Fixed] All refpages should be properly utilizing blocks now
    • [Added] Romanticsm Hindrance and Silly Edges from GM Guide

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    Beasts & Barbarians Steel Edition GM Guide
    • [Fixed] Displayname and author text
    • [Fixed] Library category
    • [Removed] Adventure from the BBGE core book
    • [Fixed] Separate functional extension and theme extension
    • [Fixed] Shortened announcement text

    GM Guide
    • [Fixed] Category name for item, hand weapon and vehicles; all lists now populate
      [Fixed] Moved the parcel out of the 'reference' node to avoid a script error
      [Fixed] Adventure Generator link now brings up the story template instead of a list
      [Fixed] Cleaned up adventure generator tables and text
      [Removed] Encounters and Random Encounters links from Library
      [Added] Common Knowledge d6 and Persuasion d6 to all intelligent NPCs per SWADE guidelines
      [Removed] Charisma attribute from all NPCs
      [Fixed] All NPC skills to their SWADE equivalents
      [Removed] Romanticsm Hindrance and Silly Edges (moved to Player Guide)
      [Fixed] The following tables have had their read-only status removed: Dread Star Matter Weaknesses, Officer Skill Table, Relics of the Dominions (most useful for the latter as the GM can now choose to have the table output a parcel)
      [Fixed] Various text updates for FGU compatibility

    The Daughter of the Golden Scorpion
    • [Fixed] Various text updates for FGU compatibility
      [Fixed] Broken links on NPCs
      [Fixed] Updated NPCs per SWADE guidelines
      [Fixed] Cleaned up certain chat frames in story scenes

    A07: Alchemist's Errand (SW)
    • [Updated] Enhanced for Unity (occluders)

    A06: Bear Trouble (SW)
    • [Updated] Enhanced for Unity (occluders)

    A05: Winterflower (SW)
    • [Updated] Enhanced for Unity (occluders)

    A04: Forest for the Trees (SW)
    • [Updated] Enhanced for Unity (occluders)

    B01: Under His Skin (SW)
    • [Updated] Enhanced for Unity (occluders)

    Mini-Dungeon Monthly #2 (5E)
    • [Updated] Enhanced for Unity (occluders)

    Mini-Dungeon Monthly #1 (5E)
    • [Updated] Enhanced for Unity (occluders)

    B09: Curse of the Full Moon (5E)
    • [Updated] Enhanced for Unity (occluders)

    B08: Thief in the Night (5E)
    • [Updated] Enhanced for Unity (occluders)

    Pathfinder RPG - Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition
    • [Updated] Enhanced for Unity (occluders)

    D&D Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage
    • [Updated] Enhanced for Unity (Players Map Level 4 occluders added)

    D&D Lost Mine of Phandelver
    • [Updated] Pregenerated characters substantially updated, improved and corrected
    • [Fixed] Various typos
    • [Fixed] Missing Goblin from one encounter

    PFRPG2 Ruleset
    • [Added] Languages from the Bestiary
    • [Added] Hobgoblin, Leshy and Lizardfolk to the Feats traits filter
    • [Added] PERC effect added to apply to perception checks
    • [Added] Feats by level grouped list
    • [Added] Level and rarity indicators to campaign data lists for NPCs, Items and Feats
    • [Added] NPC attack line now has three sections highlighted - attack, traits and damage. Attack traits open in a single window
    • [Updated] actionTextToSymbols now returns true if data has been changed. Used to prevent module records being incorrectly tagged as modified
    • [Updated] Trait double-click lookup prefers comma separated values, but will revert to space separated if no commas in the traits list
    • [Updated] Migrated NPC abilities from single string controls to windowlist with title and text
    • [Updated] NPC updates to support Bestiary
    • [Fixed] Blank proficiency not being properly matched as untrained
    • [Fixed] SKILL effect would incorrectly apply to Perception
    • [Fixed] Improved Evasion condition not working correctly
    • [Fixed] Ordering of NPCs by level wasn't numerical
    • [Fixed] FGU attack lines not parsed correctly
    • [Fixed] FGU action symbol replacement

    Pathfinder 2 RPG - Core Rules
    • [Fixed] Spells - replaced different hyphens characters with –
    • [Fixed] CR2.065 Alchemist "Research Field - Bomber" is missing the second paragraph of the description
    • [Fixed] CR2.066 "aura" not a trait
    • [Fixed] CR2.067 Sorcerer's Bloodline - Undead ability incorrectly lists Undeath's Blessing
    • [Fixed] CR2.068 Barbarian missing Brutality 5th level class feature
    • [Fixed] Ranger incredible senses class feature not labelled correctly
    • [Fixed] Rogue improved evasion didn't have errata wording

    Pathfinder 2 RPG - Age of Ashes AP 1: Hellknight Hill
    • [Updated] To PFRPG2 ruleset

    Pathfinder 2 RPG - Age of Ashes AP 2: Cult of Cinders
    • [Updated] To PFRPG2 ruleset

    Pathfinder 2 RPG - Age of Ashes AP 3: Tomorrow Must Burn
    • [Updated] To PFRPG2 ruleset

    Pathfinder 2 RPG - Age of Ashes AP 4: Fires of the Haunted City
    • [Updated] To PFRPG2 ruleset

    Pathfinder 2 RPG - Age of Ashes AP 5: Against the Scarlet Triad
    • [Updated] To PFRPG2 ruleset
    • [Fixed] Added missing treasure parcels for story entry Loot the Vaults

    Pathfinder 2 RPG - Age of Ashes AP 6: Broken Promises
    • [Updated] To PFRPG2 ruleset

    Pathfinder 2 RPG - Extinction Curse AP 1: The Show Must Go On
    • [Updated] To PFRPG2 ruleset

    Pathfinder 2 RPG - The Fall of Plaguestone
    • [Fixed] Resized grids for Hallod's Hideout
    • [Updated] To PFRPG2 ruleset
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