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    Same Here. Just upgraded by purchasing the FGU ultimate license. then imported my campaign from FGC to FGU. I watched the instructional video about FGU and I'm running public and cloud.

    I've tried hosting via hostname without PW and via external IP.

    I keep getting the same error.

    I saw a post about this same thing from 2017 saying to turn off books.

    No change. I've tested by running two sessions and trying to host and join. I've also had others try to join and be unable to.

    What needs to change?

    *edit. read the entire thread and found answer, and implemented that and it worked
    What worked as I am getting the error too?

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    I get this error too, I set up a new 5E campaign, didn't load any modules at all, I checked on a spare computer, and no sign of the campaign or GM name asked a friend to try to find it also to no avail.

    So whats the secret solution?

    Ok got it, its the forum user name in the search box
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