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    Quote Originally Posted by bmos View Post
    Post a picture of the item and list what other extensions you use (if any). It'll help identify the issue.
    I attached images...hopefully correctly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SgtPrylo View Post
    I attached images...hopefully correctly.
    Type is case sensitive. Change "wand" to "Wand" and you should be good.
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    I found a typo in your code causing an issue with wands. In the manager_char_ACIM.lua function removeFromSpellDB, it was looking for "Sand" rather than "Wand" (it's also case sensitive in a few places in here and in item_main_ACIM.lua)

    EDIT: also right at the bottom you are checking for "Shock" in a string that has been set to lower case (which means it will never find it).
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    Quote Originally Posted by bmos View Post
    Type is case sensitive. Change "wand" to "Wand" and you should be good.
    Thanks for looking. Not sure where you mean. 'Wand' is capitalized in the Parcels and the object itself.

    EDIT: Just caught you said change the entry in 'Type'.

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    Another fix: Zygmunt Molotch mentioned to me that charges of wands and such reset on long rests.
    I added some lines to addSpell in char_invlist_ACIM.lua to address this (it requires Kel's FullOverlayPackage extension to have an effect and also adds some spell tags to make that extension work better with this one):
    	-- Parse spell details to create actions
    	if DB.getChildCount(nodeNewSpell, "actions") == 0 then
    	elseif usingKelrugemExt() then											-- bmos adding Kel's tag parsing
    		local nodeActions = nodeNewSpell.createChild("actions");
    		if nodeActions then
    			local nodeAction = nodeActions.getChildren();
    			if nodeAction then
    				for k, v in pairs(nodeAction) do
    					if DB.getValue(v, "type") == "cast" then
    						SpellManager.addTags(nodeNewSpell, v);
    						DB.setValue(v, 'usereset', 'string', 'consumable')	-- bmos setting spell as consumable/nom nom (no reset on rest)
    It also requires this function to be added before the addSpell function:
    function usingKelrugemExt()
    	return (StringManager.contains(Extension.getExtensions(), "Full OverlayPackage") or
    			StringManager.contains(Extension.getExtensions(), "Full OverlayPackage with alternative icons") or
    			StringManager.contains(Extension.getExtensions(), "Full OverlayPackage with other icons"));
    There is also an issue with your detection of Enhanced Items as your search string is looking for v4.2 and there has been an update. The extension name is now "PFRPG - Enhanced Items v4.21" (it seems that Llisandur is including the extension version in the extension name which is troublesome for detecting it successfully). The result of this is that charges are not written back to the item file when the item is un-equipped.

    I have made a number of other edits to this extension in recent months (resolving perceived issues with case-sensitivity, additional parsing of things like CL in wand names, and others) and would love to contribute them back to you. Let me know if you have interest and I can send you my ext (or can provide detailed information on what changes have been made by comparing mine with your most recent release).

    EDIT: no response 1 week later so here is my version so that others can benefit. let me know if this is an issue.

    EDIT2: it would cool if the item spellclass was in the item sheet... then charges and such would move around with the item and it would avoid the mess that sometimes happens for people with lots of actions tab stuff
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    Hi! I noticed a bug. In PFRPG, no other extensions, when I add a greatsword (or any two-handed weapon) it adds to the damage of the weapon only the strength, and not the 1.5 multiplier. I've just downloaded the last version on the first page, and the error persists.

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