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Thread: Screen Freezing

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    We're working on some new LoS/FoW code that will be much faster; but it may be a couple weeks due to Memorial Day and PaizoCon double weekend.

    Can you have the GM send a copy of the campaign folder for Carl to review to [email protected]?


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    here is mine. I changed my version back to the live version of FGU and it work with out crashing today so far. I only tested briefly with 10 token.
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    If it happens again, please send us the latest version of your campaign folder. Since FG saves every 5 minutes, it has a good chance of capturing the image state when the issue happens for you.


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    It just crashed three pcs and 8 tree blights I think. I moved the player completely around the map with the keyboard. add the tree blights via the encounter short cuts and drag and drop them. then it crashed.
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    Have you had the problem if you strictly used either arrow-key movement or shift-drag to avoid many rapid LOS updates? I believe it is a comm or LOS update buffer overflow problem.

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