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    GURPS + fantasygrounds for SciFi as beginner?

    Hi all,

    Just a quick question. Is it advisable to create a SciFi campaign on FG based on gurps without experience in either gurps and FG? How well does gurps run on fg? I understand that it is not officially supported by fg, but by the gurps developers.

    Or should I use an officially supported ruleset like traveller?

    I have experience with game editors and game design. Pen&paper I have only played in the 90s but a lot (ad&d, DSA, shadowrun, world of darkness, pp&p rifts, traveller in that order).

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    Welcome o the wonderful world of FG and Gurps.

    Gurps runs very well indeed on Fantasy Grounds, and I believe is used by the ruleset creator in many types of campaigns, one of which is SciFi.

    Traveller support in Gurps goes back for a long time, but there is also other types of SciFi support in Gurps.

    I think that learning to play Gurps in FG is just as easy if not easier, than learning to play in person. You'd probably want to consider either Gurps Character Assistant (GCA) or Gurps Character Sheet (GCS) for character and NPC creation. These programs allow for the export of characters directly into a format that FG can import.

    Currently the capability to create character directly in FG is also being implemented in various Drag-n-Drop ways, and this is also integrated into FG using either GCS or GCA initially.

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    What seycyrus said. FG, GURPS ruleset and Scfi all work well together.

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