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    No idea what I'm doing, need help setting up 4e game

    Hey all, I'm new to all of this fantasy grounds stuff and am looking for a way to make playing 4e dnd as easy as playing 5e dnd. I have pretty much no idea what I'm doing however and from my understanding the only way to make a 4e character without making it and writing all of the powers and such individually is to use some sort of module that you can download. Does anyone have the links to what I might need? It's mainly just the three players handbooks that i would need and any help or advice that anyone could give me would be greatly appreciated.
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    Welcome Mrfluff

    4E is not a licensed ruleset and there is no shareable data for it.

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    To expand upon what Damned has said, you would have to create your own modules for use with the ruleset. So if you own the books, you can start a development campaign (a campaign that won't be used for play with players). Then you can start entering data from those books and then export to a module which can be used like those you have experience with in the 5E ruleset.
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    There's a 4e discord, I don't know if I'm allowed to link it here. But if you go check that out, there are people who are running 4e in FG who can help you get things set up. There is a ruleset, and there is an old character builder they can share with you that spits out xml that you can run through a converter to upload your characters.

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