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    4e Condition Effect icons for Unity

    Replacement icons for Condition Effects. All the Conditions in the Effects panel use the new icons. Some condition names not in the Effects panel when given an attack or defense attribute will default to the generic icon. For example if the effect is "Drunk" it will show the Drunk icon, if the effect is "Drunk; ATK: -2 it will show the generic icon. Others like "DMGO: 5 fire" will use the new Bleed icon correctly. Its in the base code and cant change it.

    Here is the list of Condition names with associated icon images:

    balancing, bleed, blinded, bonus, charmed, confused, cover, conceal, climbing, dazed, drunk, dunce, deafened, dominated, encumbered, frightened, generic, grabbed, grappled, helpless, immobilized, immune, imprisoned, initiative, insubstantial, invisible, marked, more, penalty, phasing, petrified, paralyzed, perception, poisoned, prone, quarry, rage, regeneration, resistance, restrained, running ,shroud, sickened, silenced, sleep, slowed, squeezing, stunned, surprised, swallowed, unconscious, vulnerable, weakened

    Big thanks to Valeros for his help.

    Download and add to the extensions folder

    v1.1 Added more conditions and icons.
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    I just wanna say this is really cool, and ask how do I add this to my current campaign.

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    Add the downloaded 4eConditionsIcons.ext and put it in your "Fantasy Grounds/extensions" folder. Then activate it:

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    Yeah I have this problem where I say stuff and then answer my own

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