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    Map of the Sword Coast for Dragon of Icespire Peak / Lost Mines of Phandelver (D&D5e)

    Hi guys.

    Played around in Inkarnate this weekend, and made this parchment map of the Sword coast, for my campaign (A Song of Icespire). This is my first time DMing, and we're running the D&D Essentials: Dragon of Icespire Peak module for D&D 5e.

    It has the locations I feel would be on a map for Dragon of Icespire Peak, and/or Lost Mines of Phandelver.
    In my campaign, Dazlyn Grayshard, from the Dwarven Excavations quest is a cartographer and he made this map.

    Feel free to use these in your own campaigns


    EDIT: Added the image directly to the post, so you won't have to open the attachment (this is the lowres version):

    EDIT: As per request by jand, I have made a version without the smaller locations:
    Attachment 39276
    Attachment 39277

    EDIT: I've published the maps in inkanate, on request from ishtanzar.
    Here are the links:
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    I like the look and feel of these maps, very much.

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    Cool maps ! Using this for my Lost mine of Phandelver Campaign!

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    I like it! Thanks so much for sharing these gems.

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    Wonderful work! Than you for sharing, It's exactly what I need for the new campaign!

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    Wonderful work! Than you for sharing, It's exactly what I need for the new campaign! Would it be possible to have one without names?

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    Which names do you want to keep (if any)?

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    Nice! Thanks for sharing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by IngeRasch View Post
    Which names do you want to keep (if any)?
    Sorry for super late answer! I would like to keep the big ones on banners only

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