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    Any groups looking for a player?


    I'd love to find a group for CoC. I currently am the ST for a VTM game, and would love to just be a player. I've read the core rules a couple times, but have never gotten to play and this game is sooo up my alley!

    Please shoot me a message if anyone is looking for a player.

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    I am working on an adventure currently and should be ready to go by July 1.
    I am looking to run a 3 hour game Monday evenings 6-9(pm PST).
    It will focus on getting new players familiar with the system. The campaign will eventually focus on the New Orleans 1920-1930 period.

    I will only recruit 4 players.

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    I'm currently running my Masks of Nyarlathotep campaign on Thursday evenings at 730 pm CST (-6 GMT) and have one open spot. The games run till around midnight, give or take depending on the pace and scene. We are currently about half way through the adventure and have just arrived in Kenya.

    There are a few considerations to think about with this. You will be starting mid-campaign so you may be a little lost but we will do our best to get you up to speed. Your character will need a link, which we'll work out together, to tie into the ongoing events and investigation group. This is not a "feel good" game and expect your character to either go insane or die by the end unless you are extremely lucky (we've had 2 long term hospitalizations, 1 death, and 1 total loss of sanity).

    If you are interested, PM me and I'll share my new player blurb and campaign links.

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    I'd love to get involved. I'm actually off on Mondays!

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