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Thread: PFRPG Spellbook

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    Quote Originally Posted by Svandal View Post
    I got suggestions for Energy drain and enervation:

    Enervation: You effect is:

    I suggest either:
    Alternative 1:
    MULTI: Enervation;NLVL:1
    MULTI: Enervation; NLVL: [1d4]

    Since you already use STACK on mirror image, you can use MULTI on enervation, and everything else that stacks with itself.
    So we can use just 1 to get it to work without extensions, but if you want to show that is is 1d4 and not just 1 level which might be missed instead. You can add the brackets. Then it works with Kels extension and it still show as 1d4 without the extension.
    I have modified the spells to use MULTI -- MULTI: Enervation; NLVL: 1d4

    I have not included the square brackets as, without Kel's Save vs Tags extension, these don't work in conjunction with the MULTI option.

    If you don't have the Save vs Tags extension installed and try to use the format - MULTI: Enervation; NLVL: [1d4] the MULTI part will fail and you will get a "Effect ['1 ; Enervation; NLVL: [1d4]'] -> [ALREADY EXISTS]" error.

    With Kel's Save vs Tags extension installed that syntax works fine. I have made a note to use that syntax for the version designed for use with Kel's Save vs Tags

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    Quote Originally Posted by bmos View Post
    EDIT: One more thing. Some of the spell's listed class/levels are Title Case and others are lowercase.
    This means that some spells show as "cleric 7" when filtering by "Source" while others show as "Cleric 7".
    Well that's weird. I fixed all of those once. Apparently 1 spell was messed up again. I have fixed it in the latest version.

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    New Version (4.5) has been uploaded.

    Spell cleanup continues for 2nd level spells.

    Additionally the following spells were modified -

    Overland Flight and Fly now have Skill bonuses -- thank you bmos

    Updates from Svandal -- thank you
    1. Enervation and Energy Drain now have the MULTI option on them so that they can be added to a single creature multiple times
    2. Flame Arrow now includes the fire damage as an effect
    3. Aqueous Orb now correctly identifies the damage as nonlethal. Also the spell name is added to the effects.
    4. Sleet Storm now has the Prone (and REMOVE Prone) effect
    5. Shadow Mind now has a Blinded effect. It also has options for dealing with Concealment
    6. Protection Spells - All Protection spells now have a on next roll SAVE effect.

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    as always, awesome! and thank you.
    roll dice. it builds character.

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    @dllewell, plz double-check -

    STACK: Mirror Image does not work.

    STACK: mirror image -- "mirror image'" all lowercase, does work.
    roll dice. it builds character.

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    My extension currently uses this to extract the effect and current number of images:

    sEffectName:match("(%d+) mirror image")
    So yes, the effect currently needs to be all lower case. I could look into changing this to make it case insensitive if this is a hardship.

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    Thank you for the response Darrenan. I was going to respond that it worked fine for me so my guess that it was an extension that it was not playing nicely with. You saved me a lot of time trying to figure out which one

    Not a problem to change the effect to all lower case. I've done that in my local working copy.

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    I made an extension that replaces NPC spell effects with the ones from this module when you add the NPC to the combat tracker (it only works when you add an entire encounter).
    Last edited by bmos; November 27th, 2020 at 02:22.
    bmos' pathfinder 1e extensions
    he/him | Discord Tag: wil.thieme#3396

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    Thanks for this, dllewell - it's amazing! I noticed that the duration for the life bubble effect is wrong - it's set to CL days, when it should be 2xCL hours (although that's then divided among the recipients).

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    Potentially labor-intensive request:
    Many spells (those with no attack or save) have no cast button.
    This means my spell failure extension, the 'don't reset on long rest' feature of Kelrugem, and some others do not function fully.
    Could these cast buttons be added back in like the official modules?
    bmos' pathfinder 1e extensions
    he/him | Discord Tag: wil.thieme#3396

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