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    How do Dramatic Tasks Work in FGU?

    On the Combat Tracker in FGU, I notice there's an option for Dramatic Tasks. How does this work? Is there a set of instructions or a video that can walk me through the process? I know how the rules work, but I have no idea how to use the Fantasy Grounds features built to support it.

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    So before dealing action cards, set each character that is in a Dramatic Task into the task.
    Then deal actions cards.

    You will not notice in the combat tracker that they have a larger card in their slot in the combat tracker, under that is a box you can enter in a result.
    Character rolls a check for the Dramatic Task, you can then enter (or drag the die total to the box under the card) for the dramatic task.

    Then to the far right (in the combat tracker) There is a button that says RESOLV and a field underneath it.
    This field keeps track of the number of successes going on for that particular dramatic task.

    Click RESOLV whenever you are done.

    If there is a Dramatic Task for the whole group it is trickier.
    Set one character to having a dramatic task. Then you have to keep a running total under the current card that will equate to the total number of successes for the group.
    This all is a bit of a pain in the ***, so I tend to just use tasks for each character that is involved in it and then tally the total on my own for all the characters.

    Test it out and let me know if this makes sense.


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