Hi there,

this is a feature request/video request (if this is already possible). After explaining what I want, I'll explain my current work around.

This is in relation to Arcane Devices, i.e. items that one character can use to activate a different characters power using the other characters arcane skill (see SWADE pp. 153 for the rule details).
What it comes down to is: While a specific item is equipped a character has access to a power with it's own PP pool that uses the Arcane Skill of a different character to roll. This is not a problem if the other character is in the party/session and can just click the buttons on their own charsheet whenever this is required, but if the creator of the arcane device is not in the session (or doesn't exist because the device is an artifact created by an NPC "long ago") this is not an option.

I'd like to have items that can grant Powers (so that they appear in the Power tab) and a corresponding Arcane Skill when equipped.

My current work around is this, using the "Amulet of the Eagle" AD that grants the Fly Power with a D8 Arcane Skill as an example:
Create an Item called "Amulet of the Eagle" and a Power "Amulet of the Eagle" (just a renamed Fly Power). The amulet has the following effect on it:
[Amulet of the Eagle =3d, Amulet of the Eagle +2]. Give the character the item (and equip it) and the power and set the "Type" of the Power to "Amulet of the Eagle".
The activation die will now be shown as "d4-2" but when you actually activate it, it will roll a D8 (+WD).

Problems with this approach:
  • The item and the power have to be passed around separately (i.e. getting the AD requires equipping the item and adding a new power),
  • the Powers type has to be set manually, every time a new character gets it
  • The AD skill (Amulet of the Eagle above) is always considered "Unskilled". [Ignore Unskilled] does not work (neither does [Ignore Untrained]) (Hence the +2 on the skill I added as an effect).
  • On the sheet the activation die is shown as d4-2 instead of d8
  • Arcane Devices get a wild die when used by a PC, even if the devices creator was an extra (arguably irrelevant)
  • No way to track the power points in FG except through a note in the description of the item

Is there a better way to do this? Can this be done in a future release of SWADE?