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    Crew and Mounted Weapons

    Tonight we had a DL:R session involving some naval combat and ran in to the following situation:

    The players have a maze runner (small ship, for those of you unfamiliar with DL:R) with some mounted weapons (Gatling guns, torpedo tubes). Before the encounter started, they stated which of the mounted weapons each character manned.
    On the vehicle record sheet, the attack die for each weapon is based on the captain's Shooting skill, which in our case happens to be higher than any of the other players'.

    Since I couldn't find a way to assign crew to weapons/attacks on the vehicle sheet, we ended up adding the manned weapons to the character sheets of the corresponding crew member, so they could roll the mounted weapon attacks directly from the combat tab. The only problem with that was that if a player added a gatling gun from the equipment list, they either got the encumbrance from the gun if they had it equipped, or weren't able to see it in the combat tab if it wasn't equipped.

    The "quick fix" we came up with was adding a new "mounted" versions of the weapons with Weight set to zero, and adding those to the characters.

    Is there a better way to handle this?

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    Was the vehicle sheet locked?

    copy vehicle unlock copy and you can add crew to weapons and driver/pilot
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    OK! The solution was obviously "too easy" for me

    I never actually tried dragging a character to the weapon slot on the vehicle sheet. Even though the vehicle was unlocked (and a customized copy), I was looking for a placeholder like the one for the "Boater".

    So, that works fine and I look forward to trying it out in or next session.

    Thank you!

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