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    Problem with Parcel


    I cannot drag and drop an item in parcel window with SWADE or SWD. That works for 5E.

    I have tried with SWADE, SWD and 5E :
    I have created 3 campaigns 2 with swade and swd (no extension) and one 1 with 5E (no extension).
    I have just loaded GM and PG Books.

    I have tried with parcel locked or not.
    I can use the currency part of parcel, but not the item part.
    I have checked options, setup, I found nothing.

    I use FGU with CoreRPG Ruleset v3.1.11.
    - SWADE 5.2.5
    - SWD 4.10.3
    - 5E ruleset v3.3.11

    Any idea ?

    Thanks !

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    Having the same issue still on the 28th.

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    I have forwarded the issue to the Savage Worlds DLC developer to see if he has any ideas or can reproduce.


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    Many thanks Monn Wizard, it's a usefull features

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